Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done





Since most would want the BH path. I need to know what you would like… Also, you can give me sugestionss.

  • Railroaded Bounty targets.
  • Players can choose the targets, but still story related.

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maybe have some railroaded but most story related and just define if its a rr or a sr


Wrong pronoun during the entir question answer game


Maybe you could have each of the two groups the MC joined in the other path put up bounties on one another and as the story progresses we could naturally meet the other characters from the other paths…while of course throwing in some new characters exclusive to the bounty hunter path…maybe make a friend from one of the bounty/partner from one of our bounties some how…ouuuu if wanna you get dark maybe one of the bounties put on a child who is very powerful, but has no control over his powers…do you kill him or do you take him under your wing and help him…lol so many ideas


I want to kill grim.


Somehow I’m looking forward to this (the fast updates make my heart go lalalalalalala)


I think the word “smirk” is often used at the wrong times. It often makes normal scenes seem creepy / awkward haha. Sometimes “grin” or just “smile” seems like a better choice instead of always smirk smirk smirk smirk. Other than that, love the world you’re building and definitely love the MC’s powers!


This one of the things that I need to edit actually, I noticed it when I did a playtest. It makes me cringe


How to show Sepena /Dante can’t die grab he or she gun shot mc in head


I need to know where your heart is, so that I can put my mind into it. Cheeezy ass mofo.
So I’m going to do a rewrite, because when I playtested this… whatever this is… I realized that there were a lot, and I mean a lot of holes. Plot and Grammar. So what I’m going to do is I’ll eliminate 2 paths and only use one. So, which one should REMAIN?

  • Bounty Hunter Path.
  • Anarch Path.
  • Sentinel Path.

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Ah, of course. The ROs. all of them will still be included. Doesn’t matter what path remains.


Bounty hunter path Duh

I will cry I don’t get to kill random people…


The ROs will still be included regardless of what path remains.


I like BH and anarch…cose whisperrrrrrrrrr…pat whisper head

sentinel…remind me of vampire bloodline lol


I honestly thought that there were more people who would go for bounty hunter path.


move whisper to BH path…and watch those numbers go nuts :sweat_smile:


I voted for the sentinel as I liked twins as Ros plus it has better potential for violence once the hero’s come to the realization of who you truly are and what You’ve done.
I also think it has better story potential of a demon trying to redeem themself which the player can determine how successful they’re in that endeavor.


I’m planning on turning the other paths into a sub route of some sort.
Like, asking for help with the Sentinel in exchange that you’d give yourself up or join them (telling the truth or not) Or asking the Anarchs in exchange for helping them with their cause. Or go solo and hunt them down yourself.


So all paths will exist but the one voted for will be the main story


Yes, I thank thee. , I’m gonna PM some of you about the features that I might add real soon.