Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



I just figured out where ur profile pic is from xd



“Dishonor to your family!”
“Dishonor to your Cow!”

Anyway, I just realized that, there’s a lot of grammatical errors and it’s hurting me. I’m having an inner conflict. Should I edit the 30k words? Or should I write the rest of Chapter 2, then edit the 30k words?
I am so confused right now. :dizzy_face:


Write the rest then finish though that’s just my opinion I just really enjoy the story


Okay, I’ll do that. I still feel like stabbing my eyes after reading my shit.


Dude fix it first if you want it’s your story I’ll approve either way


I’ll write the rest until Chapter 4, then I’ll edit it through beta testing. Thank you for helping me get my shit together. :hearts:


Bounty hunter path first plez


Hahaha, don’t worry. I’ll have it up in… uhm… I’ll have it up. Heh




I’ve been reading your story. So far great dialogue and interacions between the characters. The setting is intriguing. Congratulations bro!


The updates they’re… too… fast!

But seriously, I wish I could write that damn fast.


I have a lot of free time and have less booze :sweat:


It’d be cool if we could choose the sex of our sword. Also you’re really making me miss Whisper.


Godsin’s gender is the same as your MC.

Also, I might as well tell this since this will be included. Once you retrieve Godsin, you can change it into another kind of sword. Short sword a katana etc etc.


I like this Idea lol…like you could have a straight laced male sword,a sassy female sword…or a cold sword that barely talks that uses they pronouns


Oh yes, that’s the reason why I removed the trait stats. The player may choose what kind of attitude Godsin will have. Stoic, Asshole, Sassy, Mischievous, Mother hen and more


Katana for the win. Also, why is it named Godsin? Godslayer would make more sense, considering.


Oh there will be a juicy reveal. rubbing hands intensifies

Also Godslayer, Godkiller seems too common for me


God’s Letter Opener


Pardon my ignorance but, whats a “wheres francis” thing ?