Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



This question got me wondering as well… :rofl:
What amazes me is that you actually played this WIP again?

Selena/Dante feels guilty for hitting you with their car, but perhaps I should put that you did start to walk if the situation confuses you. MC is also uncertain if they can survive without help, so MC decides to walk away with hesitation. :man_shrugging:


I have two questions for the scene…(I picked to throw the knife to incapacitate him)
1)how did we still hit the guy after he teleported…did he just teleport straight back and that’s why we hit him?
2) why does selena mention the dead or alive part of the bounty when all i did was hit his knee…

lol there other small stuff but i don’t think anyone will notice/care so it fine


of course I played it again lol it my favorite story…well its tied with the WIP fallen divine(must read stuff) right now…but lol I read WIPs when I’m supposed to be working on my own story. I make the excuse that I’m reading other people’s stuff to “inspire myself”, but I’m just procrastinating lol

but yeah the MC could walk away, but Selena presses the issue for him to stay due to guilt or something


The guy teleported in front of you in a panic.
Selena isn’t sure if you killed the guy or gives 0 fucks wether you killed him or not. Selena is more worried that you got shot in the face.

I think fallen divine is far more interesting than mine. I mean, half angel and half demon. Heir of heaven and hell. :kissing:


Ohh ok I get that…and yea Ig your right there…but I feel your story has just as much potential as fallen divine…

fallen divine just has stronger foundation then your story does cuz they put hella detail into the beginning of their story with the whole heir to heaven and hell thing.

but I feel like your story doesn’t have a predictable ending right now…like their is no clear end goal(well at least for the bounty hunter path) except maybe get your sword…, but with fallen divine you kinda know what gonna happen but the journey is so interesting you dont care lol.
so the unpredictability compounded with the storytelling make the two WIPs comparable for me lol.


i think what i like about fallen divine and demon recollect is that both have interesting mcs that pull you in ones half demon and half angel heir to both kingdoms badass and the other is a mutant who people in the old ages called a demon cause how powerful aswell as how many so called demigods he killed badass not to mention both have lost one parents the other there sister also both have lost time obviously demons recollect has more lost time but still fallen divine has a decade of lost time both sorta know the world but at the same time dont the mcs are very similar now that i think about it but anyway i love the mcs and thats why i love both wips


also just read the godsin sword talk very interesting love to see where you go with that :grinning:


Okay, Wow. That’s quite accurate… Wow…


Is the talk in all the paths or just one?


The sword talk will be in all paths, of course


The pacing seems fast, or at times irregular.


I’m already planning on adjusting the scenes after I’m done with Chapter 2.

Thanks for pointing that out.

EDIT: Found the missing file.


Are you going to add chapter 2 of the bounty hunter path soon? I can’t wait for it…


Oh ho ho ho ho, I think BH path will be the longest that I have to write, that shit goes dark 0 to 60 km/h real fast…


Do your worse.


I probably just missed it but where does the sword talk to you?


pet Bathala head as long as you keep letting me pet whisper and see her go tomatoe…I love this story…

I do find the pace and dialogue a bit…too fast . But…I’m enjoying it .

Blush slowly creeps on your face as Selena’s fingers explore your side. Selena smiles at you. “I can do a thorough check up if you like”. Kate coughs. “Really? You just hit her with your car and now you’re flirting with her?”. Selena looks at Kate. “Well, would you rather do it?”. Kate shakes Kate in defeat.


You’ll know why the pacing is fast, soon… but I might as well adjust it


I just want to kill random people and get paid for it D:


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