Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



I mean we can feel the swords presence and I think MC can call the sword to him/her if The dampeners were turned off…


I think your right as I believe it tied mostly to the demon side of us as it encourages the violence


The sword is sentient, it cannot cut through anything unless the wielder is the MC


Good sword


Nice sword:) MINE!!


i really want the sword now it sounds awesome


to me love all swords


“the sword chooses its true owner” is like the swords that the general dog gives to his children mashed with Rita the sacred ax of Escanor and the power of the sword “sparda” Spreads all in one is simply the most destructive sword :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s more or less like Rita to me. :thinking:
But I guess it’s like a nuke if the MC wields it.


@Bathala Can Godsin communicate with the MC since they’re sentient?


Yes it’s the voice of Morgan freeman
“As I was raised all high and mighty I looked upon the poor fools I said to the demon( well either get busy swinging or get busy dying”)


Honestly, Godsin’s voice is like Morgan Freeman’s. Or at least that’s how I imagine it.

I might upload a scene where the MC and Godsin are talking, It’ll be up in a few minutes…


Damn it, I wanted to choose my sword voice gender, or at least headcanon it if it was never specified how it sounded lol.


That was how I imagined Godsin’s voice. Lol


But what if someone have the DNA or fingerprint of the MC? Can they then use the sword?


The sword is sentient, it knows who the MC is.
Clones won’t work. Does the MC have a clone? Muah ha ha ha ha ha

Edit: I remembered the rest of Godsin and MC conversation now. Thank you @charaznable

Squints in Filipino




It’s now complete.


Is it on the demo?


when you pick the option to walk away how come you don’t actually walk away?