Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



My brother sketched it…
I can only draw stick figures


Its still brill and a nice design (You could always add the stick based body)


Question. Does all path will be lead to lucifer in chapter 2?


Yes, the paths have to lead at a certain point, but the interaction will be different…

I am very inconsistent when it comes to these things


Very well, i shall wait for it.
Btw can i romance more than 1 person. In bounty hunter path, i just cant choose between detective and the doctor.


Well, you can screw at two ROs, but romance them? Nah…




Woah. Now I’m curious as to why I didn’t read your work when I was scrolling thru the forum. This exceeded my expectation :open_mouth: I really want to see more of this!!!


Yeah. This is great. I love how you can choose three different branching paths, right from the get go. And with three different factions/sets of characters, that’s amazing. It does seem like a lot, and I hope you finish it. If the rest of the game is like this, I’m already sold. I’ll preorder rn lol. Good luck pal.


I have been tweaking the shit out of my WIP wit minor procrastination.
So I guess my inconsistency has its pros and cons


If that it how you do it, then yes that would be really good.


It certainly has.


I’m trying not to be a grammar nazi, but can i point it out like just a feedback @Bathala? idw to offend anyone :3


Yes, give me the screenshot. I have this thing for Grammatical errors…


just this one


Thanks. Hail grammar


For the bounty hunter path, you could add a cash stat. You know to see how much money we got from killing random people…


Damnation/ Divinity


I feel like divinity isn’t a good stat cuz you know…MC killed 10k+ people…


Damnation/Redemption :thinking: