Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



I play all paths their all good each with a different personality of the MC


So after playing the 2nd chapter of Anarch, I realized something

Did you take the Lucifer from the Lucifer mini series? The guy seems similar to me, minus the deal and luck power part



Yeah, this guy


do we get to fight a class dragon


I’m sorry… That’s spoiler territory


Little bit of spoilers never hurt anyone. :wink:


You can’t make yourself a hero (or otherwise) name for yourself in chapter 2. @Bathala


It’s how the public calls you,

For plot reasons, I can’t just use the MC’s regular name… It’s like announcing to that there’s a living bomb in the city


I know, but you can’t input say a name like “Batman” it gives you three names and when you pick none of those it shows some text and whenever someone uses the hero name it abruptly ends the sentence.


:thinking: Interesting, how come no one has ever told me about this…

I’ll fix this ASAP or fall asleep trying! :grin:


Someone mentioned that before :slight_smile:


I just like the freedom it could possibly present depending on how you write it. i like the idea of possibly being pursued by two organizations while trying to build the ultimate harem bts:)…whileeeeee also becoming a all power badass and not having to answer to anyone. Hopefully the bounty path runs through the other two paths to create a beautiful cluster fuck.


Tbh I noticed that error, too but I was too lazy to report that.

A question about Lucifer. If he use luck to fullfil his side of a deal and he just get one luck per deal doesn’t his Luck don’t change? I mean If he has 10 luck and makes a deal with Person X and get 1 luck for this deal but also spent 1 luck for this deal, wouldn’t he still have 10 luck? Why would he even bother when it doesn’t change his amount of luck. And in the worst case szenario wouldn’t he even lose luck? If he spent 2 luck for a deal but only get one?


I think he gets different amounts of luck depending on the deal…


mc :1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 murder time
Takashi : boss you said he murder bomb what do we do
Boss: run!!!


@Bizimo As the bartender said, “It depends on how big the favor is” or something like that…


It’s magic.



Sketches for the Icon


Kinda similar to the mask of the character you based/imagined your MC of (The Sketch is brill…):+1:
Edited: I just noticed this may have come off as an insult that was not my intention I ment it as a compliment