Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



Ok that worked


Will you work on sentinel path or bounty hunter next?


Wait…is he really the devil? ._.



Alright first, I love this Wip. Second, HOW THE FUCK DO I UNLOCK THE CHOICE TO KISS WHISPER?!
I tried twice, had her relationship Stat at 83%,is not enough or the kiss scene is not made yet?

I don’t want my Mc constantly flirt with her but tried anyway, however the option is still blocked.

I don’t need sleep, I need answers. Once again, great wip and good luck.


Flirt with her at every option, then when you meet up with G and thirty-six ask her if she’s jealous, you’ll get the option to kiss her


You meant kiss right? I hope so…


Damn autocorrect :sweat_smile:


I know that this might be a weird question but what kind of tone are you going with sense to me it seems to be all over the place one second it might be fairly dark and the next it is petty light hearted.


Alright I did it, but how can I say this, I think there should be other options to romance whisper without flirting her all the time.
Like the classic dense character type, ya know the Mc should be able to be shy too.

Overall I can’t wait to play more of this and thanks for the tip.


I just realized the MC shares a lot of traits with Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins. Is that coincidental or did you mean it?


@DontJudge No, everyone with powers are mutants, they’re just so damn powerful.

@Daxterix you just have to flirt at least five times… There’s a hidden flirt stat.

@JordanQuimby Does it bother you? Does it mess with the thing? :thinking: This is why I made three paths, because I can’t make up my mind… For every response you choose gives you a different flow of conversation… that’s what I’m aiming…

@WillyJackson Not really, no. I guess if you want them to be


I don’t know if anyone has brought this to your attention but…

The option “Why would you “make” me stay, I’m just a stranger”.

Shouldn’t this be “Why would you “let” me stay? I’m just a stranger.” maybe my grammar and diction are off idk.


I must have missed that, I’ll fix it. Thanks


I can see what you’re saying but it can feel weird at times I would advise to make each one of the three paths different for example have one path where you act more like a villain and have it be a bit darker. While another path is a bit more light hearted and more heroic etc. It can be fine but some of the scenes can feel…strange one moment you can have most of your “allies” worry about you murdering people the next is so much more light hearted. I like the story don’t get me wrong, it just feels strange.


I can understand what you mean by this but in my opinion, authors should be allowed to write the story wherever their minds lead them and I personally enjoy twists and turns, it makes the stories better and gets you thinking about them more and more.


…is it wrong that I only play the bounty hunter path?


Nope. That the only path I choose :slight_smile:


@JordanQuimby I appreciate the thought. I think I should tweak the scenes a bit and turn it more neutral and let the choices decide if it goes dark or light, does that sound good? But further in the story it will be inevitably go dark.

@jmar @DontJudge Why though? Just wondering.


It’s fun to not have obligations to people. You can do whatever the hell you want


Ah I see :thinking: