Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



Here’s my demon Frank Castle


Found this early concept art of infinity war Thor with a gun and sword before they came up for the idea of Stormbreaker. This would probably fit more in with my MC if I choose to get the sword.


Will the Mc Wield any weapons beyond swords and powers


I won’t say too much, but you’ll have that choice… a hard one.


The Mc broke it


Glue the pieces on my sword.


The RO’s descriptions are killing me :joy: I do have a question though, regardless of which path we take, we’ll still meet the other characters, right? Or am I getting that wrong?


jesus you need to chill remember the mod had to come last time just a thought have you checked out endmaster?


No, you won’t meet any other ROs, except for Six. I guess


Haven’t started the new update but love the title


That was good and the gale romance is actually funny plus I got to meet Tom Ellis


Can we kill Lucifer? I don’t trust him.


@Conor_Mccann I’m not really sure if I projected Tom Ellis, or at least the way he talks as Luci…

@DontJudge as of now, it won’t end well for the MC if they attempt to kill the devil… The devil has enough juice, you know


I know but still well say a emo tom ellis plus I dont want to kill him hes an interesting character and quite the wild card as in his current state he’s very powerful


It was a good thing that I went for a stroll this morning.

How I added Luci

goes for a stroll
glances at a church
adds Luci to the story


crying that was beautiful so inspirational :joy:


How do you gain the choice to kiss Whisper or is it not added yet because I can’t seem to figure it out


When the team is United an option to ask wishper is she jealous pops up at some point


Yes but the option is always blurred out for me


Did u give heavy flirt every time