Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



It is an excellent idea, you just don’t see the greatness in it.


It will derail the story, you do realize that I’m giving 2 chapters for each RO… before choosing right?


Trust me, I see the greatness in the idea. Just not on the platform you’re proposing it be implemented, lol.


Bathala please do you not understand great ideas when you see them, every idea I have has murder involved in some way.


I think you should respect the author’s decision :sweat:


I respect his decision, I just want to see more death. It’s makes games more… how should I word it… enjoyable.

But that is the way I enjoy things, if everyone wants the game to be about kittens, hugs, unicorns, and other crap, then that’s what people want, im only 1 person out of 7 billion people on this planet.



God damn it, I spilled my coffee hahaha


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@Bathala oh speaking of christmas, you should add a update where it’s christmas. It’d be cool, maybe if your in a relationship you could make someone give you a gift sword, lol it’d be funny.

Something to think about, not that you should, I mean Christmas is a Christian holiday and if the MC is a demon, it’d probably end terribly. That’s not an issue though, all you have to do is say that the MC got sick and enjoyed sleeping in bed.

Edit: just remembered the MC can’t get sick… I got a new idea, the MC goes to a mall and murders a Santa Claus… like I said my ideas include murder…

A question I have that I am worried about

Edit:edit: quick question, I don’t want to post this because it’s a question about something, okay so is it normal for your hands to shake at like very noticeable measures, I think it might be because I drink very high amounts of Coca-Cola in the past 12 hours I’ve dranken 8L of coke, and I feel my blood pump through my veins(kinda tickles) and my nerves pulse(if that’s even possible), I can barely walk because my body is shaking(not much, but I almost fell).


@Bathala What or who does the MC look Like and how Dense is a romancing gale


This WIP is my life.


Wow. This was effing incredible! Definitely one of the best WIPs I have ever read. You are one very talented writer. I love the MC (thank you for allowing me to be one powerful female) and each character I have met so far (again, thank you for allowing the choice of making them female, as well).
Absolutely phenomenal. I’m going to read it again…Right now…


@Yiotio dude, you keep clustering this thread with mostly off topic, jesus… even the mod had to come here more than once… Just stahp man…

@Conor_Mccann I think it depends on how the player imagines the MC. I imagine the MC to be like Juggernaut of dota 2. Gale/Gust is dense if they are the receiving end of the flirtation.

@EagleOne1 “talented writer”… I did a screen shot of your comment just in case my older brother bothers me again… thanks…


Not bad I was sort of thinking a Frank Castle punisher look or infinity war Thor





This is how I imagine the MC, standing on the dead bodies of their enemies.