Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



@Hearts Perhaps I should add that option, anyway No relationship status = Not cheating. Loophole achieved. JK
I’ll add that option.

@Yiotio Spoilery, spoilery.

@psychosin aw, thanks :hearts:


Where is the choice


The choice is that you can reject Gust/Gale’s question if it’s a date or not.
The reason why you’re rejecting it is because of you and someone might have a thing.
You can only select the choice if you kissed that someone




For the prologue, isn’t it a bit wired that the peasants want to kill the woman that was saving their lives?


people get irrational/ afraid over things they don’t understand, and Mc’s sisters power was one of those cases


Call someone a witch as an explanation for their strange abilities and they’ll just go ahead and kill them. Regardless if what they did is good or bad.

Or what @flocktrops said.


It isn’t cheating lol. You need to be in a relationship to cheat on someone


Grammar mistake I think…or i may just be reading it wrong


Coding mistake, I used the wrong variable.
I’ll fix it ASAP


This is why i like to play this wip again and again. You’re really a hard worker person, even when you drunk. :sweat_smile:


Yo this is picky (sorry) but i feel like this is worded wrong…u could just put
“your” instead of “for you to be” lol it just irked me


I agree, it flows better with you’re.


I loved the demo! I thought the characters were introduced a little fast and got familiar a little quick but in a big cast, maybe that’s what has to happen. Other than that I think it’s a very interesting game and hope to see more! :slight_smile:


I kissed whisper but the option to say no to gale was grayed out.


@Logan3000x I fixed it

@jmar I fixed it.

@Izzi I just have a lot of free time


Hey @Bathala ive been apart of this idk topic is that what you call it anyway i just wanted to say i love the bounty hunter path its my favourite it also makes the most sense to me at the start of the game cause its like you got trapped by that dick cyrus wake up and in a weird buiding theandnt you instantly find out about modern world then you escape and the mc walks back to his captives or into a van which if he did learn whispers memories and she let petting a cat through surely she let a few movies or something depicting a van as a vehicle for alot of bad people like kidnappers and shit and the bounty hunter path the mc is like fuck this i need to figure out who the hell these people really are now i know you might take this as constructive criticism but its not its just me teling you why i love bounty hunter path also i like selena she seems like an interesting ro one whos not always blushing over the mc shes tough and i like that in an ro as for what i said about the other paths i get why the mc chooses the other paths but everytime i play the demo i always think my mc should choose bh path although i will say i love what your doing with the other paths to like creating a superhero team in sentinel path and the sword you get for the anarch path

p.s this is an actual question do we see subject-42 oh crap i mean subject-36 :smirk: in any of the other paths


Sort of, It’ll only be a brief encounter.


@Bathala you should add a way to wander around the city and kill people…

I may or may not have an obsession over killing random people… in video games…

Please add this it would keep my sanity in check… I may not have a very stable mind…

I should delete this because people might take it to seriously… but I won’t because I’m sure people are smart enough to understand a good feature when it is suggested…


I really don’t think that would help progress the story in any way, except get us into a ton of needless trouble. In an open-world RPG, maybe, but I don’t think that’s a good idea here.