Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



Tip toe then pet Echo, Problem solved.

It really depends on how you imagine it.

Echo isn’t that tall.


Is it just me or the classes are similar to Ghost Fighter/ Yu Yu Hakusho?

Classes (H-L): S, A, B, C

Too lazy to read the stats


Honestly, I just created a class to measure how strong the MC and other characters are, so that I won’t derail the story with an OP side character just because I felt like it.

It’s like my guide on how powerful a side character or a boss should be.


Just to be clear I’m not saying you imitated or anything (if you ever get that kind of impression). raises my hand in defense

Just wanna understand how these classes work.


Oh no, I didn’t get that kind of impression, I just thought you wanted to know my reason why I have classes. I’m just indecisive so I created that thing. :sweat_smile:


Great because–I’ll just shut up before things go aw–scratch that, did I ever tell you I like your game, no? Now you know. Haha

flies away


Well, this sums up what I’ve been doing so far. So all compliments are appreciated.


Can we meet or face the dragon classes?
Can the MC technique with the back be taught? or is it something that only the MC can do?
MC: Gale to learn this technique you have to be naked
Gale: teacher I can not do that in front of Whisper
The MC turns around, looks at Whisper and runs away …
Thanks :kissing_heart: It’s a great WIP I love it


Totally would wanna kill the dragon classes would be so much fun.


Will the MC Abe stuck as a S class or can we get stronger?



We are probably only S class now cuz the guy who ranked us doesn;t even know how strong we are…we’re probably stronger




Also i think i deserve more than some berries for putting up with a guy breaking into my room?


And can we keep our name / refuse to take a persona ? I konow people are going to call mc something but i dont think mc would see a point to the persona thing? Your call though.


Too much spoilery.

@Hearts the persona is needed, for plot reasons


@Bathala I feel like @Hearts has a point, the MC, in my view, would almost certainly ether argue or out right decline using a persona.


the mc may not like the persona but its not upto the mc he didnt ask to get a persona it was given to him by everyone else when you have to choose the other name the story tells you its cause the news calls you that not cause you wanted it its like gale the mc might not wanna get called master but she still does it


@Afrobear96 is right, the people doesn’t know your name so they started calling you batman or something else. Also Gust/Gale is a dense mofo, can’t take a hint when it comes to flirting.


Yea, or you can just kill the people who give you a name you don’t want. @Bathala @Afrobear96


By the way, I think when G flirt with you something about going to lucifer being a date there is option that say "its not like im commited " or something like that. But lets say Mc started a thing with W/E back at the base, even if thats not a commitment. its still cheating right ? Unless mc is a player, they would not go around doing everyone right? yup yup. Im a prude.

Maybe options after each character scene to choose how you feel about them or an option at the flirting scenes like

" Im already with X so im not going to screw Y "

For plot reasons you cant annihilate the whole city just yet.



What’s the plot gonna do? All I gotta do is open my custom ip breaching software, file downloader, and computer linking software, open a command prompt, get @Bathala ‘s ip, download the code, then change it, link are computers, upload the changed code, delete the old code… and bam, I can kill the whole city…


This is a VERY interesting WIP glad i found this
cant wait for chapter 2
btw whisper is fav RO so cute lol