Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



The lady wilt killeth those folk all


Is MC a real Demon I mean is he really from hell or it is Just a nickname


I think she’s called a demon cuz she killed like 10000 people


is this because i stole her cookies?








Found more wrong pronouns

Nurse and Detective both make in this playthrough


@Langre I already fixed those, I just forgot to upload them.

@Hearts Perhaps, also I fixed the bug


when choosing “none of those” in chapter two for the people calling me an alias I got this:

Also in Chapter 1 if you choose to crush Gale there are some pronoun mismatches if she’s female.


When I choose my villain name I can not write it and this appears

I use the Google translator to play XD


Reading chapter 2 I can’t help but think you just put in the John Wick reference


@Marcos_Brites I’ll fix that right away


Why i cant access the demo? Is it still being updated?


What do you mean? I haven’t fixed some of the bug yet, so I’m not sure. I can access it though


Yea, forget it. Sorry


Is there a chapter 2 for bounty hunter path by any chance?


No, I talked to him personally, @DontJudge. These are his exact words:

“Act like the MC, what would the MC ask about them.”
Who knows who or what “them” is…

I’m not revealing anything, I’m loyal to @Bathala.


@DontJudge I’m not even done with the Chapter 2 Anarch path yet, hell I’m not even done drafting the subtle flirtations for Chapter 1.

@Yiotio Rise Sir Yioto the PMer


Alrighty, lord @Bathala. I also played the new update, it’s good but I found a lot of grammar mistakes. I’ll send you pictures of them later, or at somepoint in the near future.


mc : stop calling me master
Gale : ok master
mc: aaaaaa that it
mc stab him or she self in the chest
mc : shit can’t die


Sums up the situation


My MC is short but they can reach to Echo’s head enough to pat it? Unless Echo is even shorter… unless my MC has a invisible stool with them at all time.