Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



Um, the hero siblings are adorbs.


Until finally. “We’re here” the words he mutters,

groans but quickly straightens up as Dalton glares at her.

then I you are allowed to find your sword.

"Alright, Nimble did offer to show me her room,


Dont if this was already asked but does whisper knows about about our past ?



Yes @Hearts edited(sorry my bad she acturly dosent but she does know about the demon)


Liked the demo very much. And also liked Echo, but all flirting options with him seemed quite too agressive and that he is terribly annoyed by it, but too shy to tell me to f*** off. Can we get more subtle options for flirting?..

Wrong gender

Low case typos


I’m making a draft dor subtle flirt options, and I’ll fix the pronoun issues. Thanks!

EDIT: Fixed the pronoun stuff


Is the idea you posted on the interest thread going to have a demo?


Wow! 366 replies in 18 days :clap: :clap: :clap:


@DontJudge No, someone just told me to ask if anyone is interested about the idea.

@enigmind222 I honestly didn’t realize the comments.


Oh… Well I am very interested :smiley:


I’m not the one who’s going to write it though.


I picked the sandwich option but it still says berries.


Whisper/Echo, will not give you anything else but the berries


O wow… I really wanted a sandwich though :frowning::frowning:


that’s sandwich shaming


I tossed a coin and the result was Ice cream, so I chose berries.


Will there be more flashbacks with the MC and their sister?


Yes and there will be more dying involved


with the mc being who they are, deaths are always expected


I like death :slightly_smiling_face:



Calm thy shites