Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



Ancient to Medieval = Gods or Demigods
1800s = Freaks
1900s 'till present = Mutants


oh okay gotcha!


ohhhh I just read the polishing of chapter one bounty hunter path…I see your not being lazy anymore lol its getting good!


Hey! I’m not lazy, I’m just *cough *cough preparing. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


-__- i say the same thing to other people when they ask me about the story I’m writing!


I liked it. Looking forward to more. I wonder though how we were subdued in a metal cage if we are so impressively powered. Like, the MC killed 12,000 samurai in Japan and was back in the village where his sister was caught as a healer?

Mostly gender typos:


“I’m not really fond of getting into the personal life of my people, but I suppose you could ask her later”… You glance at Echo, his whole face—red, you could even say that his head might explode.
I selected Echo to be male.

She breaks the silence as the two of you walk
Tell her the truth. Though it is unwise.
Male Echo

he rubs her arm as he looks away from you.

"Good to know that you’re attracted to your own kind, so have you found a rider yet? horsie ". Perfect white teeth are exposed as he grins at you mischievously.
Who’s talking here? I thought maybe Glitch because Echo has been shy until now. I lost track of speakers through the dialog.
Ok, the next page says it was Echo. Seemed out of character.

You grin as he in response.


I’ve been having that bug, I’m still fixing it though.

I can’t really tell you how the MC was captured. Too spoiler-sh


im just guessing here but i think the mc got caught cause they trusted there friend who in the end betrayed them they seemed pretty close so im guessing he also knows some weakness of the mc forgot the friends name i think it was cyrus im to lazy to go check


Cyrus didn’t exactly know the MCs weakness. If I revealed the answer. It would be a spoiler


I know that we can now choose the gender of our ROs. There are still a few mistake depending on the genders.


I chose Echo as a male, pronouns are she/her.


I fixed it, thanks for the feedback


After reading the demo and some post i learned something very important: one should get drunk when writing a story. LOL


all g man didnt want you to reveal any spoilers was just guessing on why he got caught wasnt an actual question but thanks for answering me though :slight_smile:


Can we like choose not to be in a team?


Sub routes, Oh hell yes. Going john wicking people because you’re not in a team? Yes. But I’m not going to tell you when though. That would be a spoiler.


I guessing when we either lose our shit, the demon surfaces or certain people learn our past


Someone in our team already knows though…


I know sorry I only ment certain people maybe the boss in the hero path or government officials red… Not the person keeping our secret cause they want in our pants (cough… cough blur… cough)


The redhead definitely does :slight_smile:


Oof encountered this when trying to see how has my flirtation with whisper has progressed so far :wink:

Thoughts on the game so far: really felt sad when the mc’s sister died ugh, kinda wishing that we’d atleast get some time to get to know her better. Another thing is with Whisper… OH BOI THIS GAL! Rly love the moments where she chokes on her own words and the constant blushing is very kawaii