Demon: Recollect (WIP) Rewrite ROs and stuff, Chapter 1 is on its way



Yes, and more than that.


kills a whole kingdom


I want the entire pantheon at my feet.


Is the god related to a element?




Nope, just a powerful jerk.


@Peck oh, well thank you!


@Bathala I was asking @DontJudge what he meant by “Can MC beat the god”. I already knew that the MC killed ‘demigods’ for a living.


Don’t make me reveal spoilers. Damn it


Is it Cthulhu? Please say it’s Cthulhu. It’s Cthulhu isn’t it? I knew it, its Cthulhu.


No tentacle gods here


Please be sure to condense comments to multiple people into one post to avoid cluttering this thread. Thanks.


DAMN, there go’s that idea A little bit of tentacles never hurt anyone :wink:


from what i understood is gods and demigods are just mutants but cause of the old time thinking of not understanding certain genes and stuff like that they just called them gods and demigods the more powerful ones would be gods and the less powerful demigods i dont know is that right?


Correcto, which is why they called the MC a demon, for killing thousands


A Demon that can’t die, so technically he will live until the universe seizes to exist.
Kinda like Logan, that’s what would of happened to him if he didn’t get Adamantium covered bones…


Is it…Nyx?


No, but you just gave me a better idea. Thanks for that


A query that is why it’s interesting


Question does society think of mutants as Gods and demigods…or is that just how individuals mutants view each others/ themselves?