Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



Just gonna roll this here…I’ll probably release an update tomorrow. But most are.just character interaction. Haven’t added these yet.

  • Anarchist
  • Crime Lord
  • City Overlord
  • Thief…ehr…I mean, mutant slaying person.


Is the :dog2: a normal :dog:?


Yes, pupper is normal. :joy:


City Overlord? Isn’t that similar to Crime Lord?


I chose Scarlet as a female, this time.



Will fix the typos and the demonic symbols when I get home.

Uh…I think I should find a better word for that.
A crime lord will control the city from the shadows.
An overlord will announce it and will bring the other Crime orgs to their knees.


Can you only get 55 brutality? I chose only brutality option but when it got to the last fight I died.


Uhm, I think you can get 60? Depending on what you choose in the prologue


You can get 60 maybe more I think


Okay replayed again.

“With Selena’s stolen medical equipments, this place could pass as a clinc,” which should be clinic.

“The latter sounds ridiculous than the former.” Should be a more there in that sentence.

“Do not make me tell your idol how we made a deal to—”

“The guard raises his hand, interrupting Blur. “Yes, I know,” he turns his attention to Scarlet, who’s still behind you—peeking.”

“Why is he Fhere?” should be here.

“You often made bad decisions, not until—”

“There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity—right now,”

“You remember some of the fighting styles—you curse yourself for thinking too much— this is just a sparring match,”

“Until, you feel something stirring within you, like a storm contained within a bottle, a single tendril as thin as hair reaches out to you—offering you help.”

“Actually, he’s actually pretty good—keeps me on my toes.”

“Did they took her?” should be take instead.

And how exactly does the character who was asleep for four centuries know about dinosaurs?

Also, cereal is from the latin cerealis, meaning “from Ceres.” If the PC knows their latin, they might think that the offering of cereal means grains to eat, Ceres being the Roman goddess of grain.

And could we get an option to choose when we kill? I’m all for going all Taken on the Hive, but the killing of the two heroes just seemed superfluous. If the MC could break their necks to get them out of the fight, then the MC could have just as easily broken their legs to achieve the same result.

That way the game could cater to players whose preferred styles range from “kill them all” to “you have to really piss me off first.”

For this game I was hoping to go for more of a Taken “You’ve killed one roommate and taken the other, unfortunately for you I’ve got skills. Superhuman skills.” roaring rampage of revenge, but superheroes just trying to do their jobs? That just seems a tad insufficient as a reason.


It’s still incomplete, it’s about 4k words and I didn’t add the other stuff yet.