Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



Whoops, fixed it


You fixed the brutality/instinct and tactical path but you forgot to reduce the fiinesse requirement on the second check at “They will be mesmerized by my finesse”.


Oh thanks for pointing that out :heart:
EDIT: fixed it


Hmm…now the problem is that it gives brutality instead of finesse


Fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out, :smiley:


My pleasure friend, keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite wips :slight_smile:


~ Your His/Her narratives are all bugged. They all show as " 's " or don’t show at all.
And this;
Hitting two birds with one stone. "Yeah, sure.
“Oh and please, stop calling me detective or Holt. It sounds weird, call me .”
“Okay. Oh, and I might have broken your door,” you smiles sheepishly then head out in hurried steps.
// name/pronouns narrative bugged/missing.

~ Typos/Spelling/Grammar
“Did you Lucifer tell you?” Lucifer can make things appear and disappear—for a favor. It’s not uncommon if some petty criminal runs toward him, asking for a favor.

Perhaps breaking into the detective’s house isn’t the wisest idea, but 's the only one who can help you. How did even know that there was a murder? And arrived at the scene almost instantly.

“I slept on the couch, clothes were in 's spare closet, I worked in a cafe and was my boss,” you say flatly.

It goes on like this for a few seconds, you dodge and attacks at an incredible speed—you need a distraction. You toss the container up into the air, eyes follow it.

You send a kick, but is able to block it due to speed. You hear both of arms crack as stumbles and skids to the ground.

///This was more fun that I had anticipated. Fix up the bugs and typos, maybe fiddle a bit with the stats system to include more relationship bars and such, and it’ll look pretty good.


hm, is there going to be a charater named Whisper? That would be awkward since I set the MC persona name as Whisper.


Oh thanks for pointing these out, I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Whisper is dead. I mean…you know. Not dead dead.

Edit: I can’t seem to replicate the pronoun bugs? Is anyone else having the same problem?


Not sure if this has already been addressed or not. But, I think I found a slight pronoun problem.


Loving this still.


Fixed it. Must have slipped my blurry eyes.

Added a 3700-ish to Chapter 1. I’ll still add some more, I think.

Edit: Okay, so I threw the anti-hero and bounty hunter path into the garbage can.
And I was wondering as a villain, what kind of stuff would you do?

You know what? Screw the polls, I’m going to implement everything :rofl:

Feel free to suggest some stuff. So far, I have

  • Hero Hunter
  • Crime Lord
  • Anarchist


Overlord. He hunts heroes and villains alike until he’s eventually the only Supe. The only remaining mutants are his henchmen.


Or like someone who wants to rule the world :earth_americas:


I like your suggestions thus far and agree with @TheMercerVirus with the suggestion of an Overlord. It could definitely have a branching path of either:

A) Your MC wants to rule with an iron fist so they go to great lengths to viciously destroy everyone and everything, leaving nothing to oppose him.

B) The MC fancies themself the saviour of mutants and rallies the population to serve them as they establish an independent and autonomous nation ruled by the MC where they basically have free reign to do whatever the hell they want.

I also like the idea of a Joker-like MC (which is what I think you mean by Anarchist).

Hero Hunter could be interesting if you implement some personal stakes/hatred that the MC might have towards heroes, and what not.

Honestly, the Crime Lord sounds the least entertaining of the bunch (to me) but if tooled properly it might be fun.


For the crime lord I would rather be anonymous. Getting the people to fear me without knowing who I am…


A way to go with The Crime Lord route could be that crime needs to be controlled.There will always be someone who wants to steal something or to kill someone else.There are many criminal organizations who fight against each other so I think its time to gather all the bosses and lay some ground rules Red Hood style.
“MC:First you all become my lieutenants and answer to ME,second I get a cut from all of you,third nobody kills anybody without MY say so, fourth—
Boss Nr1 starts laughing:And why on God’s green earth would we—(in the blink of an eye the MC is holding the guy’s heart in one hand after which Boss Nr1 falls to the ground in a pool of blood)
MC: Fourth, no stupid questions or you end up like him.”
Or something along thous lines.


Or we just kill all the bosses and take over :slight_smile:


Or break the mutants in prisons and make them your henchmen


Or break the prisons.