Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



so it says his neck when its meant to be a girl


and i picked the keychain for scarlett but it says selena


it seems that we can only lose in the auction fight
plus this

that %-10 tho

*set Enigmatic %+10
*set Enigmatic %-10
*set Tempest %+10
*goto fight_enigmatic


I didn’t lose the fight… I won…


I think the stat checks were too high. I’ll fix it as soon as I can


But I won i the fight… it wasn’t high at all.


I think you have to stick to a certain combat style, I always just do brutality.


Yeah, you have stick to one stat. Otherwise you’ll lose the fight and raise the Demon stat


See I’m just to good.


I keep going with brutality the whole demo and I still die


I went with both and I just keep dieing to


I’ll fix the stat check


With the fight with ember did you choose trust my instincts or I know his fighting style?


Choose options that seem more animalistic and brutal, instinct basically means brutality.


is the Demo suppose to jump from prologue to chapter 3?


Yweah, I’m still working on it :sweat_smile:


So it’s not possible to join the Sentinals like in the old demo? Also I keep dying at the end even with 60 brutality after choosing all the brutality choices.


Like I said, the stats are too high

Edit: fixed it

No, not yet.


chapter_3_fight line 338: Invalid expression, expected CLOSE_PARENTHESIS


Thanks I’ll try again.