Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



Is that in the beta link?


No comment…


I just replay the demo, and is… Scarlet going to be okay? Is Dante okay? I swear if MC have to fight Dante or Scarlet, I’m going to scream.


Alright y’all. I am currently rewriting Chapter 1 and 2.
@Umbreonpanda ehr… cough



They’re dead aren’t they



:man_shrugging: Let your imagination run wild


Ey nice game :ok_hand: tho I noticed a bug when picking the detectives gender, when I bought the keychain for Dante there was a pop up thing and I couldn’t keep playing, but when I did the opposite it worked


Workin on it, thanks!


I love this!


I can’t seem to replicate this error, can you give me a screenshot if it’s alright?



The game was fabuluous, though there are some bugs. For example some strange signs reminds me of the euro sign or something it appears in the endings of sentences. Also, There is an error when a person in trench coat appears ( police officer?), can’t get further into the game because of it. All in all, I love your game!!! :heart_eyes:


Oh thanks so much. I should probably upload the fixed version right now :sweat:


Thank you! :kissing_heart: And don’t worry everything is still fabulous! :wink:


Little bugs :beetle:


I accidentally uploaded it to the wrong dashingdon. Demo. :sweat_smile:
I’d appreciate if you help me hunt down the typos



Hi, loved the update. Didn’t find any typos but I noticed when the fight starts with Ember, Alloy and Tempest… the option that says to “Trust your instincts” increases the “Tactical” stat while the “if my calculations are correct” option increases the “Impulsive” stat. I might be mistaken but I think that it’s meant to be the other way around unless I’m just being dense.


Oh let me check it out.

Edit: opposite stats increase when you fail the check. Also it increases your demon stat when you fail a check.


Tried the demo and can’t find any way to get the stats pass at the rooftop fight.I take it that for now we can only fail ?


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