Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



I really liked your writing! The humor bits are really good and seem original, and the sword is arguably the funniest HG character

Typos and bug ish

You’re brain is having one of those ‘Error 404’ messages—reply not found.


Blur smirks. “I like where this is headed, unfortunately Ember will kick my ass if she finds out that I’m interested with a future member. But I think it’sbe worth it,” she reluctantly leans back, her gaze dances from your eyes to your lips.


Scarlet perks **up—**standing behind you as she takes a peek. What you expected was a squealing Scarlet, running around the HQ, taking pictures at anything with ‘this item was touched by a hero’ sign. Surprisingly, Scarlet is well **behaved—**almost too well.
You glance at Scarlet, face all red as she avoids her gaze at Blur, eventually her eyes lock with **yours—**screaming with ‘help, I don’t know what to do!’

Oh and these weird symbols appear in few more paragraphs I forgot to copy


What path did you choose? I can’t seem to find it or maybe I’m blind af

@AmericanShakespeare Thanks for narrowing down the bugs


I actually found the update confusing af. From getting hit by a car (again) we then start talking to Godsin which leads us to choosing our persona which led us to fight a bunch of heroes and there are some mercenaries involved, apparently? I was worried about Scar and Selena but that whole sequence of scenes got me lost. I feel like you rushed way too much transitioning from one scene to the next.


Wrong, he didn’t rush… he simply drank 5 bottles of vodka or rum, and got super drunk and decided to skip like 70% of the story…

Edit: the bottles were probably each 1L’s


Pfffft, you take @Bathala for someone who only drinks 1L’s? They were easily 1G’s that he chugged in a minute each, w/out a doubt.


Okay, now your underestimating @Bathala’s ability’s. He could drink 40 gallons of vodka or rum in under 30 seconds.


Okay bringing this back to topic. This felt rushed because 70% of the chapter 1 content was corrupted. I have to write it from scratch.

Also Chapter 1 and 2 will be rewritten. So yeah.


Okay, just did the math… if @Bathala could drink 50 gallons of vodka or rum in 30 seconds… he would be able to drink 144,000 gallons in a day… he is a very amazing man, he’s probably a god.


Don’t derail it


What? Don’t derail what? Im stating a fact.


Cut it out. Do not get off topic or get flagged.

@Bathala so who did take Scarlet?


I really enjoyed the update especially since I can be a ninja


two time ,mc is hit by car two time what next tank we need memes for this


The demo was interesting, somewhat different but still cool, I did get a bit confused at the start but it got cleared later on.
I did like that we could create our persona with the mask and so on.

But if ya don’t mind me asking What is the time skip from Scarlet/Max or Selena/Dante getting taken away, to us jumping off the building?.

Is this a spoiler? I don’t know but I put it there anyway, just in case.


No, next time the MC is getting hit with a planet…


@Krow I’m rewriting Chapter 1…later…probably the last chapter I’ll edit.
It’s not a spoiler so it’s 2 weeks after the incident

He’s right





Did you understand now? Cause I won’t repeat it again…


Why tho? Seems like overkill…

Literally .-.


CAN’T EXPLAIN… cause of spoilers… so just be happy that the MC will be hit with a planet.