Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



Oh I see. You’re already dead. That’ll be cool to watch. And hopefully our sword will swear less also.


There’s a reason why Godsin keeps swearing, but it’s a spoiler


I have now read the original and reworked version and I must say that I prefer the original. It may not make as much sense or have good character development but it was one out of only a few WIP that actually made me laugh. I hope you continue to work on the original. Maybe make it a pardy of the reworked version.


This. Is. Why. I rewrote the damn thing. The pacing was off, characters were rushed. But the humor was…well…there.

Anyway, I think the reason why you prefer the old one is because it has the fun parts, the new one isn’t on the fun part yet, I think, I don’t know.

You got my last 5 brain cells thinking.


so if sing 100 ways to die mc will not die


Even if you throw the MC into a blackhole, MC will not die…because I say so :grin:


What if I throw the Mc into the sun


Still, MC will not die…

don’t make me kill scarlet/max :shushing_face:


What if scarlet leaves him/her?


Ehr…cough cough COUGH COUGH


well shit this ajin to 5000 of not death what. wait … old ago


Scarlet wouldn’t leave the MC. She love’s him to much… at least she should or it will end bad for certain someone.

Ups who left the skull and these bones here?


Alive but crispy


Who left that skul there?


It was the tooth fairy…


wait how did tiooth fairy come in




Oh my goshh this WIP is so good, and this thread is so funny hhaha
Can’t wait to see the progress.


Aw, thanks. :hugs:

Also I might release an update three days from now…or maybe tomorrow.


This man is a Demon. >:v