Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



Wait so now we don’t go John Wick on people anymore?


It depends if you want revenge


Is it possible that the ROs can die? or MC can die?


I have the feeling that Godsin might have something to do with the healing not working and if it was stated to be otherwise well I rarely pay close attention to anything


@Umbreonpanda Can ROs die? Probably, I mean they are mortals.
Can the MC die? MC has Plot armor

@kingzug glances away while whistling


Let me kill ember with plez :pray:


They are my children, so no.


She punched meh Mc. She deserves to die


incorrect pronoun


Fixed it, thanks!


It crashes when Scarlet asks if she can meet Blur.


Did you load an old save? That happens 'cos I changed the stat screen


Nope, I started from scratch


I’m checking it right now.
EDIT: It’s fixed


Yep, it works now. I gotta say I liked it better when we utterly destroyed both of them in training than this little sparring session. We got nerfed.


HARD. But there’s a reason why I nerfed the MC. It’s because I can’t fit the whole story in one damn book and my friends scolded me for thinking that I can fit it in one book. We had an argument for like a week. I just gave up and agreed with them.


Then why not make a whole saga with the MC op :pensive: it’s not fun climbing your way to power, it’s fun to start with power


It’s not about climbing your way to power, it’s about keeping your sanity.

I’ve got a lot of requests in my Tumblr acc. Y’all want to bang every single RO. So I guess it’s also about banging ROs.


In all seriousness though, when we get our powers back, will it be like before?

Yes, It will be just like before or even better