Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



I liked the update! Max is so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. But I also agree that the swearing can be a little tiny bit distracting.


I have no problem with swearing, but when Fuck is used constantly, in something that’s not South Park, it gets annoying.


Me neither. I even think swearing fits this game, but “fuck” may be overused a little. In my opinion.


I enjoyed the new demo and looking forward to more updates


Who says fuck? I didn’t read it at all




Probably I didn’t noticed it. But after reading it again I see what you mean


@Carson_Lindsey who?where? I honestly can’t remember. Who? Thr MC? Is it Godsin ?


Both. Godsin seems to love swearing. And the MC literally went “Oh you are so fucked—spectacularly fucked—fucktangular, for the level of fuckery…


Used to talk like this when i was in second grade :blush:



I went through a phase in 8th grade :laughing:


I am the lord of swearing when I’m drunk, so yeah. I might have to change that


Please don’t write the game while drunk, it could hinder the final product


But I can’t write when I’m sober, what I can do however, is edit it. So, it’s a win-win? I guess. :man_shrugging:


Please don’t write the game while sober…

Ok just kidding. But I love the game. No matter if you write it sober, drunk or on other drugs. Wait what?


Forgot to mention that the achievement button is very buggy. But the achievement trigger, works fine.


If they gonna take Scarlet or capture her i’m really going to John wick them… twice…and then i’m going to place a red Lego stone under their feet


him drunk is what started the product and fueled. thats like telling a boxer not to use his hands in a match


corgi…cose of its majestic butt!


Been waiting for this