Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



So… Progress update before I go to sleep.

  • Chapter 2 will be like…Idk 20k? 25k? 12k words for each path? Something like that.
  • Also…I tried doing stuff with the codes and—decided that the easiest way out is to make Godsin still into a sword because code reasons . You can still choose what kind of sword Godsin will become…so…bad…but not too bad.
  • Added puppy to Chapter 3 scene (don’t ask why I wrote Chapter 3 first)
  • So… Uploaded a scene where you and Godsin are talking…
    I was drunk and busy this week… so that’s all I guess :confused:


So has this been updated?


Yeah, only a little


Why a puppy?


Cuz puppy = life


The idea of the character who is considered a Demon who has destroyed armies and kingdom just working at a café with a pet puppy is just entertaining


She’s trying to fit in I guess


Oh it gets more fucked up than that.


Well you don’t get considered a Demon for being a good person so that makes sense


Is the puppy for new or old


now can say this don’t kick the puppy


@TheKing_GamerAntoinn do you mean old or new demo? It’s for the new demo.
@Takashi_Shin The puppy will not get hurt, I promise.


for the new demo does it stop (it continuously loads) after you pick up the flier cause if not I think I found a bug.


Yeah, it stops right there. Sorry :neutral_face:


I mean you can choose to not pick up the flier, I think the anarch path is longer.


Added a few sceneseses. Meh


Sentinel stuff ok
fluff ok
maid hmmmmmmmmmm
If i don’t get to see Scarlet in a maid costume i’m disappointed. (Just kidding this probably won’t happen)


Nice stuff. So many fucks though, it gets tiring. Hope to see more of Ember soon.


lol I really got Scarlet in a Maid Costume. But I feel so bad for making her cry. Maybe in the next Update I’ll just pet her


I agree