Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



Well, he just seems like an interesting character from what little I’ve seen of him so far :sweat_smile:


Likes the bad boy in leather (see the jackets win).


Just wondering how many would want this… Grim is… well, he’s been through a lot of shit and now he’s suspicious of anyone who cares for him. He’ll push anyone away if they get too close. Also he gets like 3 hours of sleep due to the haunting nightmares of his past…

In short. To him attachment is a burden.

  • Make Grim a Romance Option.
  • Don’t make Grim a Romance Option.
  • Doesn’t matter, peanut butter

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Creatures from the realm of Angst, Unite!


So wait are you really turning godsin into a gauntlet


Nah, there will be a lot of stuff to choose from, you can still make Godsin a sword tho


How’s the rewrite going?


Also what are some examples of planned forms of godsin?


Would there be a trident, cause Aquaman was awesome.


I have procrastinated less, and I’m still splitting the god damn paths… which is totally annoying since Chapter 2 will be 20k minimum.

Well, Godsin can be a part of your mask, or turn into a sword, cloak, part of your suit. And some other things.

I don’t think a Trident would be included, but I’ll try to make it work.


@Bathala hey man your writing is awesome as you can see from how many people are writing in this topic thread whatever the hell its called but anyway i feel like your giving us to many choices for the story before you write make it how you wanna make it for example you didnt need to change godsin i think everyone wouldve been fine with godsin remaining as a sword and people does it matter if grim is an RO im pretty sure youll still read the story even if he isnt btw this is just my observation you dont have to follow it and if anyone doesnt like what i said please write to me at lol jokes aside this story is amzing and cant wait for you to complete no matter what way you create itll always be awesome cause of the writers mad skillz p.s i may be a little tipsy wwhile writing this :slight_smile:


@Afrobear96 Don’t worry, I’m not really straying away from the plot. And Grim is not an RO…yet

@Regularcheese I can’t fit a trident, it’ll fuck up the code


Dude are you seriously asking if people want brooding asshole pushing everyone away as a RO? Like nah man I don’t want to try and get through all those walls and gain his trust. Not at all xD what makes you think so. Feelings who?


Hahahaha I’m honestly just wondering, for I am too drunk to comprehenf




Can Godsin be an eye patch that lets me shoot lasers pew pew


Nope, not haop3bing. Fak I’m so drunk
I am sorry , I did noy mean to anmoy anyone I am sorry… I am do sorry


Bless :pray::pray::joy:


@smuteczekbiczo @Bathala Honestly, I didn’t know that Grim was going to be a “brooding asshole” (as @smuteczekbiczo put it). Honestly, what caught my attention the most was the fact that he made such a huge impact in such a little amount of time, and I kind of just wanted to know more. I’m a naturally curious person, and Grim just caught my attention. The fact that so far there is so little information about him made/makes me want to know more, whether I get to romance him or not I just want to know more about him! And frankly, what @Bathala has said about him in the forum so far, kind of makes me want to pursue him (I like a challenge).

I feel this comment might be directed at me, I might be wrong, but either way I think I should at least explain myself. You’re right, @Afrobear96, I would be just fine and continue playing this game even if Grim wasn’t an RO. If @Bathala had said no about Grim being an RO, then I would have been a little bummed out, but I would have continued as if nothing had changed. Unfortunately, @Bathala didn’t really say “no”, they said “yet”, which (for me at least) means that he might be added later on. I mean honestly, “yet” is literally one letter away from being “yes”… and this isn’t the only time that @Bathala has used the word “yet” when discussing on whether Grim was an RO. If @Bathala decides not to add Grim, I admit that I’ll be disappointed, but you’re right that it won’t stop me from playing this game!

Sorry for the long post, I just felt like I needed to explain myself. I’ll stop bringing up the topic of Grim’s addition to the RO list if it really is becoming bothersome to everyone. That was not my intent, and I apologize.


It’s fine… he aint in the RO list, yet.


@VioletHikari yeah sorry if you felt it was pointed at you i was drunk when i wrote that and couldve sworn more people said they wanted grim as an ro but might of just been reading your over and over as scrolled the messages up and down as i like to check up top to see if any new updates have been then click back down to bottom but dont always hit bottom so i have to scroll down sorry again didnt mean it and i totally get why you want grim as an ro again i was drunk and thought more people said it and i was like get off the authors back but it was a drunken mistake