Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Minor Update|



oh, no, I meant the game just stops on dashingdon at that point, get the never ending loading thing at the bottom right of the page :slight_smile:


I love the new demo❤️ well i love the old one too, but I think its make sense not to return to the facility after our awaken or go with strangers .


Just got a chance to read the new demo. I prefer it this way, with all the paths converging without having to choose one over the others. Looking forward to how it’ll go.


thing may help kill or stop unkilling death monster
put mc block of ice /stop/
put mc in space /kill it will kill brain if mc in that long there /
head chop off /?/


Nope, even if MC turns into powder. MC won’t die due to plot armor.


Mc is not wolverine anymore?



Now my MC needs scandalously revealing outfits to further fluster the targets of her flirting because her plot armour is OP :smiling_imp:


Fak it, I’m going to make Godsin into a Gauntlet.


Will it have claws maybe like a demon’s hand


I’m getting an indefinite loading sign when I pick up Dante


Me waiting patiently until Grim is added to the RO list…

Why? It’s so much cooler as a sword…


I don’t understand why you want Grim to be an RO. :confused:

@Red_Eyes Can you take a screenshot? I would really appreciate it


I cant get past the loading loop either


The demo actually ends there, but I’ll fix it to prevent future cofusion


Can we snap our fingers and make our enemies disappear?


This isn’t an infinity gauntlet, Godsin’s power will be revealed at the last battle


Well, the gauntlet idea ain’t that bad, sword would probably be cooler. We could change it’s shape right? Maybe, so why not have both.


@Bathala I said this before I stand by it

If we have the gauntlet might as well go all the way… Please pretty please


Hahaha fine, I guess I can make it work


YES!!! Thanks man persistents wins.