Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Jan 27| Full Demo...almost

That, yep. And it’s strangely accurate :rofl:


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I have a cake and I wanna eat it

I have a very not so important question, and sorry if it’s already been answered:
any poly relationship here? Or love triangle?
'Cause you see, I have a short list for you, SUN WUKONG, Lucifer, Gale, Dante, and Greed/Blur, oh you’re so mercy to limit Greed and Blur into two different routes, but,


and what’s the difference between the options when Lucifer is crying, I vaguely remember one is he said we are together and the other is we are close?


Love triangle, square, regardless of shape—yes.
Poly route? Laughs in tragedy perhaps


“Laughs in tragedy” Op what does that mean? What does that mean Op! okay but in all serious Love Love Love this WIP. But don’t hurt me like this, let me love multiple of them in a happy poly, I’m begging you

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I wonder how this war is going to play out between the demon Army versus the hive Kia the world pretty much will be an old fashioned War between both sides killing each other or something else over the conquest route pretty much is going to be a lot of blood I picture it


Happy poly? Suuuuuure, heh.

You would be surprised and slightly disappointed.


You are truly cruel good sir.

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How exactly do I get to option to take over the underworld? There blocked out ah?


First dude this is one of the best work in progress I have read in a long time I was so intrigued the whole time and I still wanna find out what happens next so thumbs up and respect for your writing, second I am pretty sure somebody must have already asked but I wanna ask it myself will the MC be able to change to a hero??keep up the good work dude…

Sooo… The best WIP I’ve read in AWHILE! Please finish this! I will definetly be purchasing it when you do!

I just wanna say how fun this WIP was. I don’t think I had this much good old fun with a WIP in a while haha
Thank you for sharing! I’ll be looking forward to see how this progresses~

I can’t believe I made a list does Game want play hooks come out and yours counts at the top of my list of patiently waiting to me just love your story and all the hard work you put into it and the detail the main character is not really a villain but as a person can you play different roles to being the your hero to fight other Heroes to standing in his way I’m destroying organization that does awful things and maybe rolling the world in the shadows so to me that’s Perfect story

Since we’re basically immortal I can imagine Mc considering telling the Ro’s about each other with the mindset of: “We’re immortal, what’s the worst they can do.chuckle Kill us?” Forgetting that although immortal we can still feel pain.

Putting aside those world ender supa mutants! I just wanted to have some hanky spanky moment with my mortal detective. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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Blur and Ember would be a very good poly relationship, a very calm relationship.

They’re siblings

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If I’m not mistaken, there are poly relationship between siblings. Not to kiss each other, but to share the same person.

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Still weird. Plus they hate each other.

Don’t say that, can’t you see the love and brotherhood they share? They never fought until almost death.

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