Demon: Recollect (WIP) Chapter 2 Anarch path. {12/14/2018}



Mr. Author has a lot of free time


That quad spoiler was hilarious!


Which is the anarch


Keep spoiling us blessed author :persevere:


that way you are best around no take you down
someone got no that song


Do you have a Twitter?


This game is amazing, good job. :grin::+1:


I love this story now can’t wait for more ow and this is one amazing line. “What the hell? Threat Level: C? If this person is a fucking weakling, then you’re just mocking me”


level d can be kill by five 5 human there the weak ones you can kill them in your sleep


A Threat Level: D mutant can be killed by 5 humans, their the weakest mutants(aka demigods).


Can MC beat the god @Bathala


@Takashi_Shin your grammar and spelling could use some work, when I was reading your comment it was near impossible to understand, luckily I’ve had to read much worse then that.


@DontJudge who is “The God”? Do you mean “can the main character kill a god?”


sorry half dead after made that post


@Takashi_Shin A Threat level: E mutant is the weakest.


Yay someone that is right.


@Yiotio Can the MC kill a god? MC killed wannabe gods for a living


@Peck who is right? What do you mean?


You of course.


And didn’t the MC kill 10, 000 beserkers and 12, 000 Samurai? :thinking: