(DEMO) The Dark Dreams Saga: The Case of Alys Hope

Introducing: The Dark Dreams Saga

Hello and welcome, everyone.

Many of you might be familiar with me if you’ve read The Lair of the Beast, a story I was working on previously that’s been put on hold for the time being. There’s an explanation on that down below, should you be interested in knowing what happened there.

For the meantime, however, my current passion I’ve been working on for many months has decided to throw me for a loop this morning when it decided to stop working properly. I came across a rather annoying glitch I can’t quite figure a way to kill.

For whatever reason, when I load the game, instead of the intro that I did have, I have a page with three sets of (…) and NEXT. Then it jumps to the intro.

It wasn’t doing this last night. Hence my aggravation.

So I thought I’d go ahead and drop it to all of you lovely people. Maybe my computer is glitching and it’s only happening to me. Maybe it’s universal. I don’t know. But it is frustrating me cause when I go to test it, it throws me off.

To access the demo, go here: Demo: The Dark Dreams Saga

If you’re getting the same issue I am, let me know. It’s frustrating me. None of the scenes I’ve created have ‘… … …’ at the top of the page. They either have placeholder titles or some kind of text already put into place, so I’m confused as to why it’s happening. Any input on that would be lovely, if any of you know what causes that to happen. It’s driving me batty.

Below is a picture of it in dashingdon. The second two are CSIDE, one being the startup menu and the other being the intro which should be the first page to pop up.

An Inside Look: The Dark Dreams Saga

It is important to keep in mind that the demo currently has only bits and pieces to it (though the character creation section is nearly finished) and I’m in the middle of plotting out the book itself. The story itself centers around Journe Blescede, whose name the reader can change and whose gender isn’t locked, and their return to Desperada Falls. Their mother is ill, dying, and weak. She has called the youngest child home after ten years of no contact.

The Story Overall

Ten years ago, Journe Blescede, the youngest child of Oather and Meryl Blescede, was sent away in the dead of night with one clear order: Never Return To Desperada Falls. Now the youngest Blescede is returning home with only the knowledge that their inheritance has been frozen and that the only way to get it back is to return home.

Things in Desperada Falls is far from normal, however. A missing person’s case from Diamond City pins the young Blescede’s older cousin as a culprit to a crime that’s being investigated by a Private Investigator and an odd rag-tag group of individuals working for a federal governmental agency known as the Institute.

The real issue, however, is how the case itself, and other cold cases in Desperada are clear matches to the stories and artwork the youngest Blescede created during their troubled childhood.

Main Characters

Desperada Falls is home to a wide variety of characters the main character can interact with. These characters would be Journe’s family, secondary characters, and the romance options that will be present in the story.

  • Family
    Journe Blescede has three living siblings, one cousin, and their mother who is still among the living. At this moment (11-11-20), only the mother and Journe (who can get a different name in the character creation section – a fun note is that, should the name be changed, there will be conversations from some characters about that) have their names.

  • Secondary Characters
    There are many secondary characters who will help the main character in the story, or who are important to the main character or the town. Those of note, at this moment (11-11-20) are:
    Jamie LaRue
    The main character’s creative agent. She’s a dark-skinned, curly hair woman who tends to be a bit unfriendly to those she isn’t friends with. She’s a softie on the inside, tho.
    Kahn V. Medeia
    The Mayor of Desperada Falls is a young man who has seen better days. He’s a quiet man, sickly pale, and leaves a great deal of the work to his secretary while he works on the paperwork in solitude.
    A shop owner, doula, and midwife in Desperada. She sells herbs, crystals, and antiques. Friendly and a bit odd, Melisande is a woman who’s silence speaks loudly.

  • Romance Options
    There are six romance options in the story, dubbed as TAMERS. These characters are gender-locked, but romanceable regardless of the main character’s gender. While the main character’s gender doesn’t interfere with romancing them, a few of them will require a bit more work if you are a certain gender (or any gender at all, for that matter). Certain cosmetic choices will get comments from the TAMERS, as they all have their preferences to what they’re physically attracted to.
    Tasia (F)
    A spirit that accidentally possesses Jamie after an accident. Tasia is kind and welcoming and does whatever necessary to help her fellow TAMERS and the main character. Ironically, the last body she possessed had been a male.
    Aeria (F)
    Small and wild, Aeria is full of energy that seemingly never ends.
    Myron (M)
    The leader of the group, dark-haired and not very friendly. Takes his job seriously.
    Edar (M)
    The oldest of the group, gruff but well-meaning.
    Ryker (M)
    Still in development
    Saria (F)
    Still In Development

As I get more about the story worked out and ironed, I’ll be sure to post updates. I have a website I’m working on creating that’ll have all prevalent information and a Patreon page where all general updates will be free (once I start working on it, that is). I did think of using Tumblr, but I prefer working on my own stuff instead of spending hours killing myself through curiosity when I should be working.

So that’s it for today. Hope what little I do have is interesting enough for all of you :slight_smile:


The premise is great. But the demo is set to private :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately the demo is private currently, otherwise it looks good

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I’m glad you like the premise, and I’ve switched it to public. Should work now!

I’m glad you like what I was able to offer before realizing it was on private. My bad. I switched it to public, so it should work. Let me know if it doesn’t!

So, I don’t really know about coding, but could this be the issue on the startup?



I just looked into that, and YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

I cut that out, and it worked. Gonna double back to dashingdon and make those adjustments to see if it works there, too. Didn’t realize that would happen. O_O Now I feel like a moron, to a degree. Well, learning something every day!

And it worked. Now that’s an odd little thing to keep in mind. Was it the *comment or was it the stacked …'s? Not sure, but something I’ll write down on the side so I don’t have that little issue throwing me into a rage.

Thank you, again, Rozane!


You’re quite welcome! I’m glad the issue was solved :smiley:

No need to feel silly. It happens quite often that we get too involved in something and develop a blind spot, but then someone who sees it the first time notices things right away!


I like the character selection. That where it ends for me. Maybe I’m stupid :thinking: anyway I like the idea of the game already :+1::relieved:


It was the stacked ellipses. startup.txt is the first scene in any game, and like other scenes, any non-command text will display as part of the story.

Since your startup.txt had three ellipses, ChoiceScript displayed a scene with three ellipses.

Also, as the previous poster mentioned, the demo currently ends after character creation. Is that intentional?

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That is intentional, at the moment. I’m almost done with the prologue. The main thing now is making sure the character creation runs smoothly and seeing what else I can add to it

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Nope, it ends at the character creation. That’s what I’ve been working on the last few days before turning my attention to the prologue. I am happy you liked it, so far

I liked the premise so far and look forward to seeing more! I love that you’re focusing more on choices/narrative rather than stats. I always enjoy ones like that a lot more since I’m not constantly worried about failing stat checks.

I noticed it says this is the first serial in the saga. I’m curious how many you expect there will be?

Also, for the character creation, is there a reason why you put the caps on the heights at 5’3" at the low end and 6’3" at the high end? I’m wondering if you might want to allow a few more inches on either side, especially the lower end since 5’3" seems like a kind of high minimum height.


I do plan on adding more variation in the heights. I out the smaller heights at the top of the list and the taller ones at the bottom cause it makes sense to me. And the exact height comes in play incase the reader chooses a height that’s equal to one of the romance options.

As for how many? I have three different cases in mind, so far. I watch a lot of supernatural and paranormal shows, and I find it all fascinating.

I haven’t decided where to cap off the lower end of the heights, as of yet. Something I’ve been playing around with, and input on that is lovely

And, yeah, I hate stat checks. I intend for it to read like a book. Those are the ones I like reading, therefore that’s what I’ll write

And stats confuse me, to be honest

I really like the character creation it’s really cool can’t wait to read what’s to come lol😁

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So if we happen to be shorter or taller than an ro will that mean our height will play a role like they lean down to kiss us and such?

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Hard for a shorter RO to lean down and kiss a taller main character. It’s fun to play with heights, to see how various reactions can come into play just based off how much taller or shorter a person can be

I know but didn’t seem right to say lean up and was too lazy to write additional words. Anyways height reactions are always great to read for me and am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.


Is it the word “journey” with uncommon spelling? Maybe there could be option for choose the birth name

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Journe is an alternate spelling for Journey, yes, and the spelling is intentional. It plays into the story, which is also why there’s an option to change the name entirely.

Similar to how my name, Brittany, has a dozen different spellings. What I may not like, someone else may.

Might make a choice to change the spelling of Journe, tho. Something to consider, without a doubt. Thanks for the brain food!

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