Demi gods- son of zeus

thnx to vendetta and cjw i am able to start making my first game :smiley:

so here is wat its gonna be about a demi god (a son of a god) getting chased by monsters. then he comes to a camp (very much like percy jackson series) where he meets others like him. soon in that camp he figures out that he is a son of zeus the strongest god in olympus. then he goes on a life threatening mission. a mission to figure out where the monsters are coming from.

thats all i got right now.

this is not really important but i just want to tell u guys that i made a website and m currently uploading a book i made here is the website name :


Hmmm God of War much? Lol just kidding sounds cool g’luck

thnx Headhunter180 but i dont even know if it will work iam a noob :-S

Wow sounds a tad bit like the first book in Rick Riordan’s new series.

yeah i love the new series the heroes of olympus i got all the books :smiley:

oh thats awesome but iam gonna have to say the first series is better. At least in regards to the first book of the Heroes of Olympus series. Iam a Poseidon fan and Percy was beast.

true i agree i like percy better then jason
any ways iam wondering if i should put a demo on

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help!!! when i try my game it keeps on loading and saying that there is an error
help wat do i do

By the way are there going to be any other demigod friends you travel with. If so perhaps you could make it where you decide there godly parent out of a given choice e.g. Athena, Apollo or maybe some of the minor gods e.g. Nemesis or Hecate

No female option?

jacobb21 i will try wat you said and yeah you do travel with other demigods
mistylavenda there is a female option and there are 2 female name choices bacause i dont know how to make the choose your own name choice

well i always pic the choose your own name choice and put in one of my aliases. maybe you can ask an experienced coder to help you.

k any ways my game worked i just did some mistakes and i will ask a experienced coder for help prob vendetta cause hes been a lot help full to me. i might put a demo on soon. Any ways if i dont find a experienced coder just tell me a name you want

as in right now?

Another story about a son of a god…? It is a bit overdone.

not really. Its a good theme genre thing…whatever its called.

oh i think i know which game you are talking about
its called legend of rome or something
anyways this game is not like that its way different like percy jackson but with a whole different plot.

because there’s a female option wouldn’t it make more sense to call it demi gods - child of zeus?

well i dint think about that hehehe :-?
can i somehow change the name

ill put what ive got on its not really that interesting yet