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Ok …got it

Sorry, I don’t have the screenshot. If it help… it happened when his brother (the angry one that have struggles fishing) attempted to kill MC when MC and C’looth is snuggling by the lake. C’looth killed his brother and ask MC if they would join the coven. I chose not to join the coven and C’looth said something about pain and suffering and asked MC to kill them. So, MC put him out of his misery and left the town to suffer.

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Starting new year of masters in about a week, and just caught a cold. Won’t be able to work on the game for a few weeks so thought I’d upload what I have for Clankers so far. It’s about 85% complete. Thought I’d be able to blitz it and finish up the whole thing today but my headache is pretty killer.

This is thus far the cleanest RO in the game. Have fun!


could you post the adult version again

@dragox the adult version is still available however it has been moved to the adult section.

The Clankers storyline is released! Clankers is a suit of armor animated by a mad wizard. It can’t speak, so you’ll have to find another method of communicating with it.


can you provide some tips for finding clankers?

Sure. Learn arcane magic when your power is already above 50. It helps if your intelligence is also high, but it’s not necessary, and you might find that skill in medicine could also be useful if you want to unlock one hidden scene.


thank you!

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New update to TDUP! Romance a dragon.


u have no idea how exhilarated i felt when i saw this updated. good to see u again!! (o^ ^)o

Amazing as always.

May I ask a few questions though?

What are the mayflies?

And what is the requirement for Stal’s hoard? I found that I needed 100k in money, is that so or am I wrong?

Anyways, thank you for writing this! It’s difficult to find well written romances nowadays.

It’s 10k really. Anyhow, I felt that Stal’s playthrough was too short, on that it has comparatively smaller content to the rest of the smaller ro’s (in terms of years), and most of the content towards the end, I felt, was not seen due to the ‘end-game’ being only two millenias.

Might I suggest, if it’s not arrogant of me to, that the years total be extended? What does it matter to Melkanthor if the world ends in two more milennias? Unless I missed something which I apologize for, it’s been a few hectic months since I read the last part.

I feel like the gravity of immortality will be more felt if the character were a lot more ancient. But hey, you’re a fantastic writer, I’m sure it’ll turn out great either way!

Also, I remember reading an RO demigod blessed from his divine parent never to die. Did you cut decide to cut him out?

Is the whole game’s ending completed? Was that the ending?

so probably figured out by now but mayflies are the hendonistic encounters where you have a bit of ‘fun’ with random person, never meet them again cause there simply mortals who are basically mayflies to you and might as well have some fun. Also RO demigod was cut out, all that’s left is whos there, plus a soon to be added princess(Or prince I think), jellyfish, and succubus/inncubus

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That’s a prince. Princess lost by two votes during a poll.

Firstly thank you for making such a gem of a game. I really enjoyed it, especially the philosophy.

All of the current female romance options are relatively evil (some more so than others). I would like there to be a humorous, kind, and slightly immature humanoid female romance option (maybe the cursed princess?).

Also could you add more character customisation, such as your race (human, elf, dwarf e.t.c), separate the hair length from hair colour, height, figure e.t.c.

Cheers and keep up the great work. I’m keen for the full release. All the best.


A slang term for mortals.


A few people have mentioned that it’s much shorter than the others. In truth, it is approximately half as long, with fewer branching paths. I have some plans to expand things out after Stal reaches full strength, but we’ll see.

2.5k years is arbitrary, you’re right. It’s just the amount of time that felt more natural to me. Thinking about it now, I might include a “god mode” where the doom counter doesn’t tick. That might be extra work that I’m not prepared to dedicate, however.

Yes, I’ve decided to cut him out.


There aren’t any immortals with those specific personality traits as of writing, but I recommend looking for Void in your playthroughs. You can generally find her on your way to see Molloth, and she also has a chance of popping up randomly during your training as a doctor.

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