Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian (WIP) [non-adult thread] (Patreon demo update June 8)

I dismissed this as “not my thing” for months, finally tried it and am now addicted. Why is it actually so good.
Walked in thinking “Yes, i will be a ruthless brute bent on nothing but revenge”, and walked out as a soft-hearted Pict who loves children and animals, is in love with 3 different people, and is becoming bff’s with Target Numero Uno and Numero Uno’s boyfriend.


It’s been a little time since I played through this, and it’s even more enjoyable than I remembered. Right now, I’m still pushing a vengeful MC who is absolutely disgusted with herself that she likes someone like Camilla. I did very much enjoy the end scene with her and Quinn. Now that’s a pair.

And Quinn… my goodness. I’m appreciating their arc more and more. It’s equal parts amusing and creepy.

I’m glad we can see some vengeance start to unfold, but I’m curious about something. Forgive me if it’s been asked and answered before, but just how far can we go in this story? We can run an MC who can dislike just about every RO. Is there a route planned where you can pull a Spartacus and “kill them all”?

Even if there’s not, I will perpetually enjoy testing every sliver of patience Marcus has left. I think Niall and Tinsae might be the only two my MC would hesitate with.

Awesome update. I’m really thrilled about seeing where this story goes.


@TimothyRothwell That’s so good to hear, thank you! :blush: Hehe I’m sure Hati didn’t expect that outcome either :laughing:

@Kel08 Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear you like the characters! :smiling_face: As for your question… It’s been asked before and I haven’t given a proper answer. It’s really spoilery lol. All I can and will say is that this is both a romance story and a revenge story. You can continue your path with a resentful Hati if you wish to. (In that case, it would probably be wise to be at least friends with Quinn.) :speak_no_evil:


Ah I see. Well, that just means I’m going to have to do multiple playthroughs. I love having these characters smother some of the fire within Hati, but at the same time, I can’t wait to see how far Hati (and Quinn) can actually go.

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Absolutely loved it! Replayed it like four times with two different MCs.

Really interesting what more stuff Quinn knows.

And oh god, the girls! I’d die for them. Any plans on poly route with them by any chance? (If it isn’t already a thing)

Was pretty sad that when flirting on Samhain with Niall you can’t say the “What if I was a woman?” line if you’re playing as a trans woman, but oh well!

Loved Marcus too. The urge to punch and make out with him is wild.


I also love Marcus. My little Hati is a tsundere. How did you make me like someone who killed our father? Down bad so hard I forgave murder lol.


Definitely a great one!

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