Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian (WIP) [non-adult thread] (Patreon demo update Jan 29)

Oh okay ! I’m not good with history, thank you ! XD

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For the game itself anyway, how it it going ? Will there be a new update soon ! It is my favorite of the moment !

No asking for Update.

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I’m not specifically asking to have one, just to know how the creator is going, not to give us an update ! But I understand what you meant, and sorry if I said something that I shouldn’t have ^^"


Hi there! The Patreon demo has been updated with over 30k words.

In this update, you’ll finally confront the thing in the shadows. :eyes:

The public update is coming on the 1st of April. Thank you for your patience!


Careful–people are going to be skeptical of that date in particular. :stuck_out_tongue:

But a couple weeks means it is right around the corner. I wonder which animal we get to pet for comfort amidst the tension. :paw_prints:

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I like to keep you on your toes hehe. :smirk_cat:
It would be too cruel to play it as one big April’s fools, even I couldn’t… :laughing: I’ll have to prank you in some other way.
Unfortunately, the petting simulator will not live up to its name this time, no huggable critters in this update :pensive: unless you count the ROs.


Real footage images of Marcus waiting for the barbarian to kill him while they flirt with his adoptive brother and his stepmother.


Marcus is in far more danger of having my barbarian hump his leg than getting stabbed by her…


At this point, it’s funnier not to kill him.

I had a few thoughts.

  1. Is the drink Tinsae offers us coffee? It just hit me on this play-through – it’s bitter, acidic, aromatic, and native to Ethiopia. I think you defamiliarized it really well – you gave enough information to identify it with a little thought, but it sounds bizarre at first glance. (sidenote: I badly want to introduce these people to cream and sugar :laughing: )
  2. What emperor is currently ruling? There were three over the course of the year we’re in so far. I don’t know if it’s going to matter, but I’m curious.
  3. The crocodile poop bit kills me instantly every time. Amazing. Truly the ultimate vengeance. Childish? Yes, but it brings me oh so much joy.

I peer at the shattered vials. One of the labels says ‘Crocodile excrement’. Was he planning on eating that? A small surge relief washes over me: at least I denied him his source of poop.

Am I his personal messenger now? It’s not enough that he forces me to get him weird poop packages, now he wants me to refuse party invitations on his behalf.

  1. I am very much curious as to what Niall’s keeping hidden. I do believe he is genuinely kind, but I think he’s also smarter than he lets on. Obsfucating stupidity, you know? He indicates to you early on that while it’s okay for you to speak freely with him, you should be wary of others, introduces himself by his birth name, and yawns out of “boredom” right when the Legate is about to drunkenly commit treason. These feel like they could be someone trying to hang onto their own culture/identity while also being very experienced in navigating a society that aggressively tries to acculturate its members. He picks your barbarian out of all the people conscripted into the Roman army to “earn” citizenship after Rome conquered their home. The person whom he says reminds him of himself is an angry, vengeful person, who refuses to assimilate. And he admits to recognizing that anger as well, and fearing it a little.
  2. This whole game is so freaking funny. I love it so much. Hati just hating on the Romans at literally every opportunity. Just telling these people to get wrecked, basically. Amazing.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :blush: I appreciate it.

As for my counter-thoughts:
  1. The drink is coffee, yes! I love coffee but I channeled my first impressions when I drank the bitter poison for the first time haha.
  2. This Emperor is my own creation. I won’t spoil too much but I’m sure you’ll get to know the dude sooner or later. Commodus would be ruling for a couple more months if he lived during this timeline but there’s someone else instead of him.
  3. :poop: :clown_face:
  4. I really like to hear your thoughts on Niall! He might seem like a big doofus but is he :thinking: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
  5. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

I really love your WIP! The plot is interesting, especially the part about the supernatural at play. I’m hooked and very curious about if our druid power is the reason why we’re at the Roman camp, not by our own choice. The childhood friend’s character is intriguing but also creepy. Quinn actually appeared in my dream last night as a villain hahaha!

Have to say that I really, really adore Marcus! I thought his route would be angst but it’s cute and hilarious. I so love the banter between him and mc. xD He’s also actually very kind and caring (in his own unique way), not the brutal Roman General I expected him to be when I first read the scene when he killed MC’s father. Can’t wait to see more of him!

I have 2 questions:

  1. Are we adopted into the tribe? If so, will we find out about our true origin?
  2. Is there any poly route in your story?

Thank you in advance! Look forward to more updates from you!


Thank you for your kind words! :smile: Haha Quinn can be a little creepy, I’m sorry to hear that they invaded your dreams :laughing:

To your questions:

  1. No, you’re not adopted. I will make the family relations much more clear once I start editing. It’s on my long, long to-do list. :melting_face:
  2. Yes, there will be. At least with Camilla and Tinsae. Quinn is so chaotic that I don’t know where they are going. And there will be a love-triangle with Marcus and Niall.

Hi there! Probably (definitely) won’t be able to publish the update tomorrow. There’s still a lot to add and I’d rather not put out a public update I’m not at least somewhat happy with. So, will have to ask you to wait a bit more. Sorry about that! Next week. :white_heart:


Interesting story, I will keep an eye on this one.

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That’s okay, no worries :grinning: I’ll gladly wait when the result/update will even be better :relieved:


Hello, I literally just made an account here to say that I absolutely love your work! I usually romance female ROs but the scenes with Marcus are just so hilarious and interesting to pass up. It’s been a while since an IF made me laugh this much - the eye color scene was hilarious! This is the first time where I really felt like I wanted to play again as another character to romance a male RO (prefer wlw/mlm routes).

Still, I love all of them. I have such a soft spot for Tinsae, and the banter with Camilla is also a joy to read! I haven’t explored Niall’s scenes yet though. Quinn’s a little sketchy but I feel a softness to her too. Anyway, thank you so much for creating this wonderful story, I can’t wait to see it finished one day. Take your time and I hope you have a wonderful week!


Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I always love to hear that people try out other routes than they are used to. I hope you have a wonderful week, too!


Hi @HaleyM ~

I just saw the title saying udapted April 11 and since I didn’t see the message in the thread I verified on the adult thread and there is actually an update today :face_with_peeking_eye:

Just wanted to tell you, so the message about the public demo could be there and readers here would know :face_with_peeking_eye:

Any way thanks for the update I’m running to play it !! :heart_eyes:


Hehe yeah, I tried to post the same adult thread announcement here but I got an error telling me that what I tried to post was too similar to something I posted like seconds before. And I was like nah forget it then, and just changed the title. :laughing:

Well, the demo has indeed been updated! There’s like almost 40k words.