Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian (WIP) [non-adult thread] (Patreon demo update Jan 29)

How old are all the main characters?

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Marcus 35, Tinsae 34, Niall 31, Camilla 25, Quinn 21, iirc



The demo has been updated with over 45k words, bringing the game to a total of just over 200k words so far. Also, this update will end on a cliffhanger. Sorry about that! I’ll do my best to update the rest soon(ish). Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read it!


Awesome and thank you so much for the update, I’m so excited :heart::smiley:


Love this update so much but I’m sad why Quinn must die just because of that Gift



Poly route??


You’re telling me… I can romance the man who killed my father… Said man is an asshole who enjoys messing with MC…

I can smell the angst and it is divine.


I’ve successfully played through 3 times, once for each boy (Quinn’s a guy in mine). And I really like it! I can’t wait for some more romance moments to progress things


I really like the demo so far, but one admittedly pretty small thing thing that threw off my immersion a bit was this line,

Never in my life have I worn so much armor. My kin fights naked, covered in nothing but paint.

While it is true that the picts probably did not wear much if any armor, they also most likely didn’t fight fully naked, or at least it wasn’t standard practice to do so.

The stories about celts charging into battle naked, were either completely fabricated propaganda and/or miscommunication about them fighting unarmored and/or shirtless, or rare cases that got taken as being true for most/all the celts again due to propaganda and/or miscommunication. And most importantly, said stories as far as I can tell, were not about the picts.

It is entirely possible that some went into battle naked, as there are enough stories and reports floating around that its highly unlikely they were 100% fabricated, and there is actually some logic to going into battle naked if your not wearing armor, mainly it reduces chance of infection as wearing clothes means if you get stabbed and the clothes are dirty, the dirty cloth will be pushed into the wound. But as far as I can tell, its highly unlikely that it was standard practice, to fight fully nude, and more likely they’d be either fully clothed, or shirtless but still wearing pants or at least undergarments.

Anyways sorry for rambling so much about a small detail. Especially if it turns out there’s some super obvious reliable source that proves me wrong I missed. But like I said otherwise really like the demo so far, cannot wait for more angry gremlin shenanigans.

Edit: To clarify as I’m realizing what I wrote might contradict my original comment about immersion. The immersion breaking part is not mentioning fighting naked as being a thing, its the implication that fighting fully naked is presented as common practice, when it probably wasn’t.


How tall are the ROs?

Beautiful update! Loved it…

A few things:

1- Still don’t see a Punch after you see your father Ghost and Marcus open his mouth.

2- Loved that bit ‘Steal Quinn hand’, so Awww

3- Camilla Nut? Seem the choices I have are ‘Oh I feel bad but like I shouldn’t’. I would like an option to feel bad for real. Since, I don’t play my MC as someone who smirk and challenge her at all. Yes I know…I’m a fool! Lol but it would be nice.

4- Here the thing, since I’m playing a Goody-two-shoes MC, I end up in a 3-some with Tensei and camilla (I’m SO HAPPY). But I would like an option of say ‘Let her hold my hand and it remain Platonic’? because it seem the choice is 'It either she hold my hand and it end in romance, or Yank your hand away and say ‘Dont touch me!’.


Sorry for leaving you hanging. :melting_face: I’ve been having a trying month. On top of that, we’re moving. That’s a good thing, though, since I’m going to be able to write exponentially more next month (and months after that!). Will just have to plow through these couple of weeks. Anyway, will get back to you once that’s done. Thank you for your feedback and comments so far, I appreciate them all. :sparkling_heart:


I Hope there’s a possibility to save your childhood friend

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So sorry for the long wait! :face_exhaling:

Marcus: 175 cm (5’9)
Niall: 183 cm (6ft)
Tinsae: 172 cm (5’8)
Camilla: 158 cm (5’2)
Quinn: 166 cm (5’5)

@shadowfire101 I can def finetune that portion. Thank you for the feedback! :smile:

@Jondalong Yes, there will be a poly route with Tinsae and Camilla. :blush:

@Anna_B Thank you! I’m glad to hear you like Quinn. Def more romantic moments coming :grin:

@E_RedMark Thank you for your feedback! Will have to finetune those scenes. :grin:

@Ghost5 Well, all I can say is that if you choose to go down Quinn’s route, please prepare for a bumpy ride. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: However, to ease anyone’s mind: there is a possibility of a happy ending for all of the ROs.


ok but this is still very concerning😭


A real joy to play through, I loved the variations of scenes depending on the MC’s body type (getting stuck in
the chest was fun).

Can’t wait to find out what’s next.


What is a pict ? I mean, I am searching the meaning on google I only find “picture” XD someone can explain please ?


The Picts were a group of peoples who lived in what is now northern and eastern Scotland. Their Latin name Picti appears in written records from the 3rd to the 10th century.
you can read more here: Picts - Wikipedia

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Then why do they call them “beast” ? Is that like the barbarians “insult” ? (Sorry if my english is confusing ^^")


Maybe one of the reasons is because the Romans never could fully conquer the Picts (so the Picts were literally beasts to them)
Another one thing I can think of that the Picts fought naked at the battlefield, so this could the answer as well xD
another could be that some bands of Pictish pirates were successfully raiding on small Roman communities in Britain, so they were beasts in another way.