Death Conduit- WIP

Death Conduit is the story of you, a Conduit; a person who can interact with the dead and spirits like they were the living. Conduits exist to help the dead, whether that means informing them that they are dead, to helping solve their murder, you exist to help.

The same courtesy doesn’t necessarily extend to the living.

There’s something coming. Something big. You’re going to have to brace yourself for what’s to come, and figure out what that means for the dead, and how you can help them.

Death Conduit is a story about ghosts and how we interact with them in the face of, and aftermath of, a crisis. It’s based heavily on the Japanese concepts of ghosts and spirits, and how they interact with people.

This is not a horror game.

Currently it’s about 4.5k words, and I’m posting this as an interest check. If people are interested, I’ll continue updating it as often as possible. Feedback on the concept and execution welcome.

[Link to WIP currently removed at request of author]

Updated to include name input, save slots, and meeting Fuyuko.

This will be the last update before I finish outlining the story.


I thoroughly enjoyed it, no spelling errors that I good see. The story seems strong, I’m looking forward to reading more.


Hey I just finished reading your demo and I absolute adored the concept! The Japanese notion on the otherworldly has always interested me and to see you do it justice is just wonderful

You write really well and your prose accurately gives off a comforting yet unsettling vibe that is quite vital for anything dealing with ghosts be it horror or not

Lastly, might I suggest adding the option to input a custom name?

Other than that, well done! I’m eager to read more!! :slight_smile:


The demo was so cute and sad at the same time. Our character was very understanding and gentle, and the way the story was narrated was really nice. Personally, it had a good pace, some sort of emotional attachment (at least I felt some of the emotions) and great description of character interaction. I loved it! :heart:

Some questions: Is there going to be any romance in this game? And will the customs names be included as well?

Good luck with your game :+1:


I’m putting in custom names right now! I can’t believe I forgot to do it earlier, lol.

I originally planned for there to be three ROs, Inari and Akumu being two of them, with a Yuki-onna being the third. At the moment, I’d like to include them as budding romances and not just your friends, but I won’t know if it will fit the flow of the story until I finish outlining.

Thank you!


Yesssss, somebody finally made the “Fatal Frame but with nice ghosts” that I didn’t know I needed but absolutely did. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I enjoyed what you have so far quite a bit. The ghosts and their reactions to their deaths work really well. I also liked getting to know a few different types of spirit, and Inari and Akumu both felt really distinct and likable even from what little I got to see of them, so I’m definitely curious to get to know them a bit more. The story was much more sweet and sentimental than I expected, but I think that’s actually a really cool thing and a refreshing genre spin on ghost stories. Very good work!


I love it so far :heart: and damn Akumu sounds like a snack themselves :eyes:


I can’t wait to for more, I love it.

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Dont take this a wrong way, but i believe you write something similar to “ghost whisperer”. It is nice and emotional type of story but it will lack meaningful choices. And because it is the type of story how you dealing with death and passing on, you could rail road player with your opinion of it. It will be hard to write


The game is incredible, but when I choose a first and last name from the options available it still forced me to write it down. And if you can make the save and load it will be easier to find that kind of thing. No complaints besides that so keep up ur going great <3


Ah, thank you so much! It should be fixed now, and saves added :slight_smile:

The demo is really interesting, well done OP! :smiley:

Just a minor spelling error tho

cemetary should be cemetery


For some reason I feel very calm while playing the game. And I like that feeling! I live for wips like this because it boosts my serotonin ahahaha! I can’t wait for the next update, dear author! <3


I’m glad to hear that! Death Conduit is very much inspired by the Japanese genre Iyashikei, or calming things meant to help the reader heal. I wanted to create something that invoked those kinds of feelings. :slight_smile:


Link removed and thread closed at the request of the author.