🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED Oct. 24 — 231k words]

Oh, the “her” is referring to the mother, but I’ll see if I can make it clearer!

And yes, please report all the bugs, typos, and inconsistencies you find.


Oh, sorry! I re-read that and I can totally see what you meant in the first place. My bad!

i’m liking everything so far and the Character Page Viewer is a pretty cool feature.

There are few errors i’m getting from the CPV.

List of errors

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 23.48.12 copy
The choice picked was “my own story” not “me and my sibling’s story”.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 23.48.12 copy 2
The choice picked was “i kept the old photo”.

From the Character Page Viewer:

Latest Stats at the End of the Demo

Differences from CPV and End of Demo Stats: Vocabulary and why Mom left us.

i also want to ask. Is English the default favorite subject of the MC? or will there be another chance to pick a favorite subject (other than being the top student choice)?

For those who want to read about Remy and Ryan, i'm going to include their character pages*.
Remy Valdez


Ryan Valdez



Yaaaaay! So happy the demo finally came out! Just finished my first playthrough. I love it!

I love how in the character page viewer there’s a counter for the number of times you’ve hugged and cried. I just think that’s hilarious!

I noticed that B’s and Patrick’s little images in the Relationships section don’t load. Also, before I even met B, their name showed up as Beatrice.

Speaking of which, I can’t get over the gorgeous graphics! They must have taken you so long to make every single one! I wish I could draw that well!

I loved the story overall, and I can’t wait for the next update! :grin:

My Character Page code, if anyone wants it



I don’t wanna report something that isn’t even wrong again, but just in case! I think I keep getting the same error: my brother keeps being referenced as female.

Man I hope I’m not misinterpreting things again :confounded::confounded: But I THINK that My sister should be My brother? He also seems to change MC’s gender and his gender when talking about the story he wrote. But maybe that was intentional??? IDK

EDIT: I’m a bit confused. What promise did MC break? Her twin got super mad at her and she says she broke a promise and I don’t understand what did she (or I?) do wrong :disappointed:


If my memory serves me right, the promise is being a good sibling to your twin. i believe that promise was broken when the MC and the twin had a heated argument when Maggie, their mother, didn’t come back home like she promised on their 8th birthday.

Did i miss anything, Franzinyte?


I got the same issue, but the other way around - my sister is showing up as ‘my brother’ with those icons.

Edit: I just finished my first playthrough, and…what are the three secrets? I found the third one, apparently, but I’m not sure what it was…


Secret #1 is related to siblings
Secret #2 is related to someone’s age
Secret #3 is related to a dress-up experience


i missed this game so much :,) your writing is amazing and yeah rn feeling bad for being mean to twin brother also all of the friends are cool and precious love them


I picked ‘leia and Luke’ then I saw greyed out ‘‘doesn’t that mean our father…’’ and I’m not even a Star wars fan but it made me laugh outloud! :smile:

Man, you have been missed and so did your story! Welcome back!!! :hugs:

‘MOO-TANTS DETECTED. MOO-TANTS DETECTED.’ buahahahaha, I’m using that when I play xcom :smile:

Woot! What a ride! I L :two_hearts:VED THIS STORY SO SO MUCH!!!


The bug hunt continues! Claire is my MC’s name, not my brother’s.

EDIT: I finished! It was lovely! The ending got me really excited to see more of B! That stat bar having a CHEMISTRY option? Oh, my, my. (Btw I think I found a grammar mistake in that last part: “He’s not with his friends, but so am I” Should be “But neither am I” right? English is not my first language, but I think it’s like that.


I updated the demo to fix all the issues mentioned so far. I just noticed that the party member screen looks horrible on my phone, so I’ll fix the relationship hearts later. I knew it was a bad idea splitting them into two images.

v2.01 Hotfix

• Save system re-enabled.
• Character Page Viewer fixes.
• Fixed Twin relationship icons displaying the wrong gender.
• Fixed Party Members showing characters if they’re not in your party.
• Minor edits and fixes.

I’m not sure. I can easily add a second one, but it won’t really have much of an effect.

@Pinmat135 Thanks! :blush: The reason there’s hug and cry counters is because there are achievements tied to them.

Also, whoops, the reason B’s and Patrick’s icons aren’t showing up is because they’re not supposed to be there yet! I think I fixed it.

@Kirlett Oof yeah, the relationship icons are definitely an error. Also, yikes, that’s an awkward spot to have that error on. :sweat_smile: By the way, where exactly was the chemistry option showing? I don’t think that’s supposed to show up (yet).

@Abe is correct, MC broke their promise to their mother of being a good sibling. I think you just missed it–the twin mentions that exactly. I’ll just leave what happened in the fight exactly to the reader’s imagination.

All secrets can be discovered when talking to Roselyna. You will always discover either #2 or #3 but it depends on your silly stat. You will get a chance to discover the other one later.

You will be able to see all the secrets you discovered later when you can access the diary.

@E_RedMark @maixoi Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the rewrite so far! There’s quite a bit of references in all the genres :smile:

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has replied (and shared their character codes) so far :heavy_heart_exclamation:


At the end, B’s stat bar showed 100% Rivaly 0% Chemistry

Btw, another thing I noticed: my twins are supposed to be inseparable, but the text keeps saying “he [the brother] hates me more than usual”. I understand they fought and all that, but that same day they were being BFF all nice and supportive of each other and now it’s like “he hates me, I mean, he always hated me, but now MORE” and I’m like ??? [Also sad! I don’t want you to hate me dammit I’m trying hard here dear twin :sob::sob:]


The reason why i’m asking about the favorite subject was because of the last line in the profile:
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 13.01.48

i’m assuming that the favorite subject and what i want to be when i grow up would change once the choices for them appears.

i also saw the B's stats bar in my playthroughs. Why didn't i notice that before?

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 13.12.39


Hello, I updated the demo again so that the codes are easier to copy. The downside is that there’s more potential for error because you need to remove the spaces in between them, but I see no other option at the moment other than totally overhauling it. I’m not even sure if it’s worth the effort.

I also temporarily removed the ‘relationships’ image in the party member screen so it fits smaller screens better, but I plan to add it back in the future. I’ve tried adjusting it several times already (it sucks being a perfectionist, ugh) but nothing was working, and I don’t have the energy right now to keep testing it. The first locket notification option also now shows relationship changes because disabling it was messing with the formatting.

That said, this’ll be the last update again for a while (remember that I just wanted to release the demo to get it out of my system).

@Kirlett Ohh, now I see. That’s the old name for the relationship variables before I switched to the heart icons. I just updated it to show hearts instead.

The attraction points in the character page viewer is actually called chemistry points (which will be used to determine crush compatibility) but I’m still not really sure how that will work yet. To be honest, I’m not sure if there’s enough interest for it because of the younger characters. (I would make a poll, but I haven’t introduced all the main characters yet so I’m holding it for now.)

Hehe. They’re inseparable most of the time, not totally inseparable. The short stories just brought back really bad memories, but don’t worry, they’ll be able to talk again later in the chapter (which will open up a sidequest).

(Side note: This is why I love writing the emotional MC. I also dislike writing the twin fighting scenes so there won’t be too many of them, but it’s kinda necessary for the plot.)

The ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ line will change in Chapter 4. If you remember, there’s a speaking test the next day, and that will be the topic (which would also change everyone’s character classes).


I’m interested in puppy love! It’d be so cute :two_hearts: Not only Rosie and Wayne get to have all the fun! Lowkey shipping MC and B already :joy:


Omg! 45 minutes na lang!
Nagulat ako, OP. hahahah!

This is a very fun demo :smiley:

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Oh my god, I am already in love with this whole story! qwq

As a Filipino myself, I was shocked to see some familiar words sprinkled in the text [Like “po”, “kuya”, “ate”, and that stuff!] And I absolutely ADORE IT! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And oh my gee, those little ‘references’ in the classroom? It really reminds me of when I went to school qvq The classroom cleaners, Ibong Adarna, and Florante at Laura oOoOh my godS this is giving me so many flashbacks.

The relationships with each character feels so authenthic and real for me- I got really hurt myself when the twins started fighting, I was like: “nOOOOoooOo don’t fight eachother TwT”

All in all, I love it :heavy_heart_exclamation: and I’m excited for when the full story gets released ^^


Oh my GGGGGG this. Is. AMAZING! I remember back when this was starting, I once said the Taglish implementation was kind off awkward, but now, it is so VERY SEEMLESS! I am shocked at the quality of improvement this has. Not only was the Writing improved, with better pacing and dialogue, but the graphics itself improved as well! By a lot actually! I love the tiny touches that makes it feel like an RPG, that Undertake and Among Us reference though lol.

But most importantly, what this demo did the best is to take me back to the time of elementary. I’ve never seen a part of my life feel so very realized in fiction ever, Filipino elementary life is just such a niche topic but God this takes me back! Those were the simpler times, wow. It is so horrifying y accurate, that you even used the section names as a basis for stats! Now THAT is clever!

My only concern now is how niche this is going to be. This looks like it is done specifically for a more Filipino audience, I am only concerned with how stuff like Filipino words not translated might confuse more English Speaking folks. Will there be an option for Translation for that? Or are you going to keep the Taglish roots? Lol


Just found if you give alliterative names to the kids you get a stat change, love it!

Also I adore how the whole game is laid out? Getting a +Silly notification in bubbly red writing is just delightful.