🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED Oct. 24 — 231k words]

@Link Hehe, I’m surprised you decided to check out Dear Diary first before IAC. I’m still planning to make updates to it in the future to add more branches, improve the UI, and update some of the backstory/worldbuilding, but I’m curious to know what you think of it!

You can discover it if you pick Rosie as your bestfriend! (Although you can also discover it later in the Chapter 5 Sleepover Branch.)

Yup! Even if you have a distant relationship with your twin, they’ll still have that password. The password is different if you’re bestfriends though!

@charger I’m glad you decided to leave a comment then!

DDWCaPH! originally wasn’t a slice-of-life, although funnily enough, when I realized that, I decided to cut a whole chapter of just the kids going to school the next day before the fieldtrip. :sweat_smile: I’m excited to write all the fun adventure stuff too.

And hehe, don’t encourage Wayne :smile:

I was gonna say the same thing too! Although I think it applies to Rosie and Wayne (and maybe the twins) more than Lily/Jm/B? The latter three were not really present in the early drafts.

Though I gotta say that the earliest idea of Rosie I had, I think she was five. And in the first draft, she and Wayne were seven and celebrated their eighth during the story. If you think Rosie is childish now, wait until you see those earlier drafts and all the roleplaying I did with 8 year old Rosie. :smile: She has actually matured quite a bit since then.

By the way, I’m still working on a small update to include some new diary entries for everyone’s parents in F6E!


I honestly love Rosie even her naivety, she’s adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a tragedy you can’t be besties if not fond of hugs but its ok Wayne is good too I guess lol I can’t pick a favorite between them

One thing I wonder is how far Rosie can be influenced later on (ie dealing with the bullies) or was it an unusual situation? Either way the flavor text for it was gold


The new Chapter 3 update is here!

It contains the new diary entries for the parents of F6E members, an option to give your pet a nickname, additional choices, and some new crush/gender-related flavor text!

If you have a previous Chapter 3 save, you can just load them up to read the new diary entries! I’m interested to know what you think of them! (And please do let me know if you spot any bugs or weird stuff!)

:memo: v2.1.3.6 Update

• The Bonus EXP event has ended.
• Added new diary entries for the parents of F6E members!
~ Contains extra information depending on your chosen bestfriend.
~ Updated Maggie’s entry to now acknowledge MC’s thoughts on their gender.
~ Minor edits to a few other entries.

• Tita Josephine’s nickname is now Josie, and she now wears hearing aids.
• Mary now has bright blue hair.
• Various minor characterization tweaks.

• You can now give a nickname to your pet cat or dog!
• Added a “I need to think about it first” option when first deciding to go to the sleepover.
• Added a new choice to give Roselyna flowers for her birthday.
• Added two new outfit options.
~ No additional outfit options will be added (for now) if they’re too similar to the existing options.
• The choices when choosing your MC’s body confidence trait now acknowledges non-cis MCs.
• Added a new showerthought for questioning and non-cis MCs, as well as a special choice and variation when responding to Paddy’s 4th secret.
• Changed flavor text for the reserved flirt options if you have a negative starting relationship with the respective crush option. These options now also trigger a new “in-denial” variable.
~ Added new flavor text when talking to Paddy or your twin about your crush if you have a negative starting relationship with the respective crush option.

• Choosing Wayne, Roselyna, or Heart Twin as your bestfriend now increases your Charm slightly, and choosing Lily, JM, or Star Twin now increases your Knowledge slightly.
• Your relationship with Julie will now automatically decrease after fully discovering Paddy’s first secret.
• Removed relationship penalties when skipping a song.
• Removed the relationship penalty for the last two options when responding to Paddy’s 4th secret.
• The option to have no fashion sense now takes your chosen clothing type into consideration, and added a new variable for future use.
• Added “super” to MC’s childish vocabulary (if Naive Stat is at least 70%) to replace “very” occasionally.
~ “Bestie” now only appears on the childish vocabulary set.
• Slightly reduced time cost of several events in Chapter 3.
• Fixed bug where the room customization loops if you snoop around your twin’s belongings first.
• Several minor edits, stat adjustments and fixes.
• Roselyna is now more huggable than ever!

@dawn Hehe, sometimes I can’t pick a favorite between Wayne and Rosie as well! :blush:

I’m not sure how much you can influence Roselyna yet, but I definitely have plans for how you can affect her personality arc later. In fact, some choices in Chapter 1 and 2 affect the variable for it already!

Roselyna will definitely take your advice to heart though! So that choice may not just be for dealing with bullies :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks it was really annoying that skipping songs gave us penalties. At least my mc will be glad that no one will judge them


MC’s twin will default to whatever locket the player doesn’t pick, correct? Like if you choose the heart locket, your twin will get the star?


Yes, they always have the other locket :slight_smile:


Ang ganda! Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I always choose the star. I like role playing a reserved mc who doesn’t share their emotions most of the time. It’s up to me to keep my fun loving twin out of trouble


I love that picking star doesn’t keep you from being as or more emotional than the heart twin. Such a nice detail, that it actually acknowledges that, especially since irl I fit that so well.


The same applies to us being the heart twin. We can be just as reserved as the star twin or more. It adds realism to this wip.


So I was kinda busy these past few days working on this, but I finally finished drawing Cordelia and Cham!



I decided that I’m no longer keeping them under spoilers since they’re both crush options (and also because some people seem to think that you don’t actually visit the story worlds later).

If you’ve missed their introduction posts, I’ve updated the character page to include them both! (I also fixed the mobile link so it should show up properly now)

@Kelly_Seastar Yup, that is correct! The twins can’t have the same type of locket! That is very important to the story.

@CustosMorum Hi, hello there! Thanks for reading! :blush: I’ll be happy to answer if you have any questions about the characters or the story!

@Christopher_Bull @ElliWoelfin Yup, the star/heart locket option only changes your initial personality stats, and doesn’t affect any modifiers. It’s meant to be more of a choice to select what MC is like when they were little, especially because after what happened, it’s totally reasonable for MC to grow up more/less emotional.


That’s exactly how I took it, which honestly works out perfectly for translating myself to the character :grinning:


Yeah but it can have an impact how characters interact with us. Also those characters in the post look great. I can’t wait to meet them later in the story

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What do mentally and musically gifted do in the game?

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@Patrick_Cody02 Hey there! :grinning:

The [Musically Gifted] Trait has four different variations, depending on whether you choose your MC to be good at singing and/or playing musical instruments. Depending on the variation of the trait you have, certain flavor text will appear, whenever it is relevant (MC will sing and/or pretend to play a musical instrument during the shower scene in Chapter 3, for example).

The trait also unlocks special choices and interactions. For example, MC has the choice to practice playing their instrument in Chapter 3 if they’re good at it.

Oh, and there is no mentally gifted trait. If you mean the [Top Student] and [Studious] Traits, then they increase your Knowledge stat by 20% and 10% respectively. And like most traits, they also affect some flavor text.

I hope this answers your question!


OK. thanks. If you have the chance, what other stat increase traits will you add?

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Hmm… right now I currently have six/seven new traits that you’ll be able to get in Chapter 4: [Vegetarian], [Pescatarian], [Pollotarian], [Picky Eater], [Om-nom-nom-nivore], [Nyctophobe], and maybe [Religious], but I’m on the fence about making that a trait.

None of the above traits will give any stat increases (attribute-wise or personality-wise), although [Nyctophobe] and [Om-nom-nom-nivore] will provide bonus EXP when MC confronts their fear of the dark, or eats some food, respectively.

There’s likely going to be more traits and buffs/debuffs later in the story (temporary status effects like [Adrenaline Rush!] that you can get during the school invasion in Chapter 6 and 7), but right now I have no other upcoming traits planned.

Other than that, if you don’t have the [Country Child] Trait, you won’t be able to get the [Merfolk-Blooded] and [Denser Than Water] Traits (which increases or decreases your Grace Stat while swimming) until Volume 2.


Hi again! Here’s some new character art even if I didn’t really get any comments on Cordelia and Cham’s drawings.

I noticed Cordelia and Cham looked very much out of place in the character page, so I decided to give the F6E a few quick edits and redraw them in their fieldtrip outfits! (Bonus points if you can tell me what Rosie’s outfit is a reference to, hehe)

Paddy and B will have different outfits too of course, but I’ll have to do theirs some other time.


Won’t B need two outfits since they be a boy or girl depending on the mc choice

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Yup! Same goes for Paddy too, and they’d also have totally different outfits, so I decided not to include them for now (especially because I’m not really that good with character design). :sweat_smile:

I was originally going to draw them in their party/sleepover outfits, but I thought the fieldtrip outfits make more sense to be on the character page.

If you liked the new drawings, everyone will have a different outfit for each story world, so you have those to look forward to as well!

Edit: Hello! I just uploaded a tiny update!

:memo: v2.1.3.61 Update

  • You can now choose what uniform MC and their twin wears.
  • Increased relationship with Maggie if MC has told everyone about their thoughts on their gender.
  • The ripped pages on Maggie’s diary entry now only appear if you replaced your locket picture.
  • Added a picture of the F6E wearing their fieldtrip outfits when the demo ends.
  • Roselyna is now more huggable than ever!

Anyway, I’ve thought about it some more, and now I’m planning to have Aunt Julie and Uncle Robert (and maybe the pet too?) to appear one last time in Chapter 7 during the school invasion. I just can’t have Chapter 3 (or Chapter 5 in the investigation branch) be their last appearance for a long while, you know?