🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED Oct. 24 — 231k words]

Yup, I’ve addressed this in the v2.1.2.9 Update:

• Most of the genre-specific stuffed toys have been removed because there were too many.

There were like four different ones for Mythology, and there was actually a tentacle monster for Horror/Supernatural. And the adventure genre stuffed toy was an RV plushie.

I removed them because as I’ve teased many times before, the stuffed toys will become actual characters in Volume 3 (Roselyna’s Story World). And not only will I have to draw them all at some point, each stuffed toy would need a different description and action every time I mention them (a teddy bear will move/act differently than a penguin or a dragon), as well as possibly special interactions with other characters, animal or otherwise.

Depending on how complex it gets, I might add/remove some in the future. But speaking of, since I don’t track it in the playthrough codes, which of the current stuffed toys has everyone picked?

  • Teddy Bear
  • Puppy
  • Kitten
  • Piglet
  • Bunny
  • Turtle
  • Penguin
  • Elephant
  • Octopus
  • Seal
  • Platypus
  • Dinosaur
  • Dragon
  • Unicorn
  • Alien
  • Ghost

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Hmm, poor elephant doesn’t have any votes yet. :elephant: It’s one of my favorite animals along with the pig. :pensive: At least the penguin, seal, and turtle are doing fairly well, hehe.

I didn’t expect the dragon to be the most popular, but I guess it’s not that surprising. At least Wayne’s Leapling will now have lots of new dragon friends!

Anyway, I just thought of new BFF scenes to add in Chapter 3!

I know there won’t be enough time to explore Lily and JM’s houses in Volume 1, but I think I found a way to at least give them both an extra scene in Chapter 3 (especially because Wayne and Rosie has a little too much).

Lily (with Tita Richie) or JM (with Tita Steph, Yaya Connie and Mayari) will drop by MC’s house and ask the twins to go and ride with them on their way to Rosie’s house, but only if you are bestfriends with them.

It’ll be an extra opportunity to talk with their parents (and expand a little on the exclusive BFF diary entries), and maybe discover a new secret, or even a bonus clue about B’s sidequest.


Yo wait how did I miss there was an update? Whoops, here I go through the demo again.

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Oh, if you mean the last one, it was just a small update that addresses a few issues. The change log can be found in this post.

Otherwise, enjoy Chapter 3 if you have somehow missed it! :blush:


I made a fairly simple timeline for DDWCaPH! and IAC!

“Book One” here refers to my old outline before I split it into six volumes to make it more manageable.

Hopefully this makes it clearer how IAC fits in the timeline, as well as the order we visit the story worlds in. I don’t have specific dates for Volume 5 and 6, but Volume 1 through 6 actually take place in only a couple of weeks.

Although I might change 2020 into a different (leap) year since we’re already past it. It just so happens that Feb. 29, 2020 happened on a Saturday, but I guess the fieldtrip doesn’t necessarily have to be on a weekend. The original draft happened in 2048, after all.


DDWCaPH! Twin Character Templates!

I created a character template for your twins in a slam book/scrapbook aesthetic! Well, it’s how I’d imagine Rosie’s scrapbook would look like, at least. If you hate the design—blame her, not me. :sweat_smile:

There’s two pages, with the first page having two different versions depending on the locket shape.

I dunno if anyone’s really interested in this, but I always wanted to make one. Anyway, I hope you all have fun with it if you decide to use it! And please tag/share it with me if you do! :blush:

Character Templates

Tips/further details on how to fill the template:
  • Right click and open the image in a new tab to download it in full res
  • You can use Picrew or something similar for your character portraits
  • There’s too many locket color combinations, so it’s really up to you how you wanna color the lockets
  • The bar beside “Level 12” is where you put your character class/dream job
  • The three options beside “Lungsod City” is your background (Middle Class, Country Child, Impoverished, respectively)
  • The blanks in the “Say Hello To” section is for your stuffed toy’s creature type, if your pet is a cat/dog, and of course their names
  • You can add your twin’s secret language in the “We Can Speak In…” section, as well as other languages in your headcanon
  • You can add in your own “personal traits” in the blank section (I might add more traits there later)
  • If you’re not sure what your MC’s enneagram type is, you can see it in the traits section of the stats screen (the number emoji), or at the choices summary at the end of the demo. Your MC’s type is determined when you choose your birthday wish in the prologue (first option is Type 1, second option is Type 2, and so on)
  • The blanks in the “Twin Dynamics” section is how MC calls their twin (Kuya/Ate or brother/sister/sibling), and the second one is what word they use to call Maggie
  • I guess you can treat the “have different bedrooms” as the twins wishing to have different ones depending on the background
  • There’s a little circle next to B and Paddy’s emojis that you can mark to indicate the gender you have chosen for them
  • The personality stats/attributes/relationships could be either the in-game stats or your headcanon, it’s up to you
  • The font of the pre-written canon information is Segoe Print, but think of it as Rosie’s handwriting. You can just change it if you want
  • Have fun!

Those templates are cool.

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These templates are gorgeous! I’ll have to actually get one dl’ed, and filled in to post here. :smiling_face:


I’m glad you all like them! :blush:

And as a little bonus, I also filled up the templates as Wayne and Roselyna since they were the original twins in the story. You can check them out here! (Minor spoilers by the way)

I had a lot of fun doing this! Also you can totally do the same thing I did and have your twins comment/write over each other’s answers. Hehe.


What made you make all new protagonist twins as opposed to making them semi predetermined? (By which I mean, keeping the twins as Wayne and Roselyna but letting the player choose their favorite genres, milk preferences, relationship with Maggie, ect.)


By the way, I absolutely love that our home town can be threatened by a villainous organization whose nefarious goal is to hoard all ice cream.


@Kelly_Seastar I actually don’t remember what my thought process was back then, but there’s several reasons I can think of.

From what I can gather, people seem to dislike preset protagonists, and I’m in that camp as well. Sure, I could let you change their preferences, but Wayne and Roselyna are the most developed characters in the cast (as you can probably tell), and it wouldn’t feel right changing them, especially their opinion on Maggie.

Plus I imagine that not everyone would wanna play as Wayne or Roselyna without being able to change their personality and appearance, and I’m not willing to change that either since it’s part of their identity. DDWCaPH is already niche enough as it is. :sweat_smile: They wouldn’t be Wayne and Roselyna anymore if I make them customizable, and at that point, why not just make a new MC?

Oh, and having to choose whether to play as either Wayne or Roselyna would also literally be double the amount of writing, since I’m writing in first person. They’re not interchangeable, and a simple pronoun switch wouldn’t make sense. I guess I could do POV switches, but at that point I would basically be rewriting the original draft, just with a few interactive dialogue options. That’s not why I wanted to write interactive fiction! Not to mention, there wouldn’t be any gender-selection at all.

Besides, I love Wayne and Rosie’s new dynamic after the rewrites, and the new plot and characters too—Nestor and Mary both have one of my favorite backstories. And with the IAC anthologies I’m planning, that should be enough to sate my desire to write in W&R’s POV again.

Now that I think about it, there’s another reason that cemented my decision, but it’s a spoiler so I can’t talk about it yet. Hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

@LiliArch I mean, hoarding all the ice cream :ice_cream: is one of the most villainous things you can do. :smiling_imp:


So I already posted these profiles in the server but I realized I forgot the dream job :sweat_smile:

Also, I imagine Porco defaults to speaking German when he’s upset. Like Rosie would try to hug him and he’d be like “NEIN!!!”


I’m kind of curious, does the choice of species in the Fantasy story gonna have any effect on anything? I slightly disappointed by the lack of variety there but I understand you do need to write like 14 variations based on the choices :sweat_smile:

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Hello there, @Darkk_est !

Currently, that choice wouldn’t have any noticeable effects until Volume 6 (when we visit MC & Twin’s story world), but it may have some effects/special interactions in Volume 2 as well (since Wayne’s story world is Fantasy).

Now that you mentioned it though, maybe I can add some minor stat boosts and maybe some passives according to your choice? That way it at least has some effect early on.

Regarding the variety, unfortunately the choice will only be limited to humanoid species. Not only would I have to account for extra interactions, and stuff, I also have the other genres to consider (and potentially balance) later. Not to mention, that choice also influences your parents (as you may have seen in IAC) and I want to draw character art for them as well.

Let me know if you have other questions! :blush:

Edit: I think I’ll replace the first [Genre Lover] Trait you get with a new genre-specific [Heritage] Passive. It does the same things as the Genre Lover Trait, but with added attribute bonuses.

I was thinking this would only activate later once you visit your story world, but I think it makes sense to put it in early since it fits the RPG mechanics anyway. Plus it’ll make stat checks a bit easier in general (the game isn’t really meant to be stats-focused even if there’s quite a bit).

Alright, after some brainstorming, here are the new Heritage passive effects! Remember that these effects are in addition to the first [Genre Lover] Trait you get, so all Heritage passives will also unlock special interactions specific to each one.

Fantasy Heritage Passives:

:sparkles: [Human Heritage]: Gain +1 Attribute Point and Bonus EXP when failing a stat check
:sparkles: [Elven Heritage]: +10% Grace, Doubles Healing Received, and Immunity to Grace Debuffs
:sparkles: [Orcish Heritage]: +30% Vigor and Intimidation, -10% Grace and Charm, and Immunity to Vigor Debuffs
:sparkles: [Dwarven Heritage]: +10% Vigor, +Damage Reduction equal to 30% of your Vigor, and Immunity to Vigor Debuffs
:sparkles: [Halfling Heritage]: +10% Grace and Charm, Doubles Effects of Food and Energy Related Status Effects
:sparkles: [Gnomish Heritage]: +10% Knowledge, Grants Bonus EXP equal to 20% of your Knowledge, and Immunity to Knowledge Debuffs
:sparkles: [Goblin Heritage]: +10% Grace, Charm and Knowledge, -10% Vigor, and Immunity to Charm Debuffs

(The last four now also restricts you from selecting the :straight_ruler: [Tall] Passive. I might add more fantasy races/species in the future, but no plans currently.)

And the other Genre Passives:

:unicorn: [Fairytale Heritage]: +10% Charm, and Reduces Relationship Points lost from choices by 20%
:flying_saucer: [Extra-Galactic Heritage]: Doubles Character Class/Dream Job Bonus, and Stat Debuff Immunity to highest attribute
:trident: [Divine Heritage]: +20% Boost to All Attribute Bonuses (multiplies other bonuses), and increase lowest stat by 20%
:ghost: [Supernatural Heritage]: +20% Bonus to All Attributes and reduce stat penalties from all effects by 50% (only active at night/dark places)
:mag: [Sleuthing Heritage]: +10% Knowledge, +200% Bonus EXP from Trinket and Secret Discoveries
:superhero: [Superhuman Heritage]: Doubles Healing Received and Max HP Bonus gained from Vigor, and Immunity to all Stat Debuffs
:minibus: [Adventurer Heritage]: +10% Bonus EXP, Gain Bonus EXP when failing a stat check, Shows a hint/indicator for Trinkets and other collectibles

So what does leveling up do anyway? Leveling up to Level 13 gives +13 to all attributes, and if you achieve Level 13 before your 13th birthday, you’ll gain a new passive (and an achievement):

:small_red_triangle: [Over-Leveled]: Reduce EXP gain by 50% but increases all attributes by 50% (until your next birthday)

Oh, and to give you a little more incentive to increase your Vigor Stat, you will now gain additional Max HP for each point of Vigor you have past 10 points (and lose Max HP if below 10). It might not be relevant now, but you have an HP bar for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know which ones you like best! I tried to make them all unique, but I’d love to know if you also have other ideas for the passives. I have no clue how useful some of these actually are (especially the combat-related ones), so keep in mind that the numbers and effects are all subject to change later!


I was really wondering if it was gonna be possible to hit Level 13 early, but I had no idea what would happen then. Happy you thought of it and have some stuff for it :slightly_smiling_face:


So wait… “level” is the character actual level? Not just the game’s term for “age”?


Well, yes and no. “Level” is what MC uses to refer to everyone’s age (hence why some character entries in the diary have question marks in their level number), but for MC specifically it doubles as a game mechanic.

You’ll level up to Level 13 automatically on your 13th birthday regardless of your total EXP gained, but there’d be no point to getting EXP if you couldn’t level up early. There’s so much MC will get to see and “experience” during the story, and even learn new abilities, that they will feel like they’ve matured enough past twelve (especially considering that 13 is a milestone age and the start of when they’d be technically considered a teenager).


I don’t know if anyone has said this but using levels as age is a really cute game mechanic @Franzinyte. I love how it really shows the MC’s mentality at that age and it’s just overall a neat special touch to the story! :heart:


So excited!