🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED Oct. 24 — 231k words]

The holiday message. It makes me pretty sad, especially since my main twin is the “hate” one (and then I explained why I chose to make the main twin like that even though it makes me sad). Just me being emotional, not good or bad.


Ah yes, that makes more sense! The holiday message is actually kinda sad whatever way you put it, so I don’t blame you. But I guess it’s a good thing I made you feel that way? Hehe. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Which reminds me… I’m actually going to change it so that MC and Twin don’t make up and call the truce until the end of Chapter 3 for pacing and thematic reasons. I also just figured out the missing link between Maggie’s bedtime story and the villains (they didn’t exist before the rewrite), which should hopefully introduce another dilemma and make them feel a little less generic, so I’m also looking forward to that.

But don’t worry, Ma’am Bianes says stories need to have conflict, and I’ll say: a little conflict goes a long way in preventing plot holes. :wink:


So basically the twins are gonna fight til chapter 3. Would that change much in chapter 2 where u meet up with your friends and B? Maybe my twin will be confrontational at meetings when I lie about B. Lilly was about to do that so it would be fun if the twin joined in on this too.

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Hello! I know my last post was last year (heehee), but I have some good news!

A big update will be coming out relatively soon, but it’s probably not what you would expect… Anyway, I’m creating a new poll here regarding the spoilers. I’d use the poll function in the forum, but I’d like to consolidate the results here and from Tumblr.

(And by the way, I’m hosting a small giveaway over at Tumblr if you’re interested!)

Anyway, here’s a teaser image for the next update!

@Christopher_Bull Oh, sorry if that wasn’t clear! It wouldn’t actually change much–the twins would still stop fighting and (mostly) go back to how they usually interact, it’s just that one of them would decline the truce until the end of Chapter 3.

I hope that makes sense! :slightly_smiling_face:


Too bad there is no option “I didn’t know you write spoilers but now I’m going to read them all in 5 minutes”


Hello to you and your twinsie! It’s update time! Well, not exactly…

Has anyone even noticed the lampshade countdown? :unamused: No? Anyway, it’s finally here! I’ve been working on a secret project for the past month! I joined the interact-if ranked game jam and wrote a short story:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

In Auctorem Credimus is a sidequel story to MWCaPH! which contains very heavy spoilers for the story, up until the story’s midpoint. It’s about ~52,000 words long (including code).

I wanted to write IAC as an experiment to try out Twine and write an MC from an adult’s perspective, flesh out the worldbuilding, and provide a little sneak peek on what you should expect to see in MWCaPH! in the future.

That said, reading it is not required to understand MWCaPH!, and it’s there for people who don’t mind spoilers (this is why I made the poll).

And in case it wasn’t clear, MWCaPH! will still be updated in Dashingdon, I only tried Twine for the game jam.

Here's the full blurb (SPOILER WARNING):

“And they lived happily ever after” might be the biggest cliffhanger of all.

In Auctorem Credimus is a metafictional sci-fantasy adventure story where you play as the main character’s love interest, who takes over the MC’s role after the story has ended.

Feeling purposeless and unfulfilled after your story has ended, you stumble upon an organization dealing with the same problem as you: the Custodians of Authorial Narrative Foundation (CANon). With nothing else to do but hope for your story’s sequel or (hopefully not horrible) movie adaptation to come, the main character of your story (and canonical love interest) invites you to join the foundation and work as a biblio-anthropologist, traveling through various story worlds without the need to stay in-character.

So when your dream finally came true a few years later and people in your neighborhood start disappearing, you immediately grab your plot armor and prepare to defeat the villains once again. You’ve done it before, and you’ll make sure they’ll never do it again. At least, that’s how sequels are supposed to go, right?

But when the main character and the villains turn out to be missing as well, you decide to take on the mantle of ‘main character’, join the CANon Timeline Anomaly Removal Department Intervention Squad (TARDIS), and write the sequel to your own story yourself.

You can play In Auctorem Credimus here.

@KingKaiser_8000 Welp, here’s a whole load of spoilers for you to enjoy then! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I started playing In Auctorem Credimus yesterday and had no idea it was at all related, lol. Didn’t even look at the author’s name to see it was also you.


I think there’s an error: I tried to set the genre to Science Fiction, but in the flashbakc on how the protagonist and MC met, it talks about superheroes and villains

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Found a weird typo in Auctorem Credimus. “you shouldn’t bring it all in one go, $daddy” and that typo shows up in other places too.

I think this is an error of some kind? “[my room/our room](if married)”

The gender is wrong here because I pick the spouse to be a guy. “he takes a deep breath. “You’re right. I’m probably just tired.” She stops in front of the door.”


@geldar Hehe. :sweat_smile: I hope you enjoyed reading it then!

@TheSleepwalker Oooh! Thank you so much for the bug report! This was pretty tricky to fix, but I think I fixed it now! :kissing:

@Max_Jones Thank you for the typo reports! I really appreciate it! :blush:

If you have any thoughts or comments about IAC, I’d love to hear them!


really enjoyed IAC. its a nice take of the story from a different perspective


the start isnt capitalized
game treats it as if i choose to be a vampire when i choose the nephilim


IAC wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m just not a fan of 4th wall breaking. Has nothing to do with you or the story.

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I keep getting hit by this error.

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@geldar Ah, that’s fine! Although… I’m not really sure what to say since MWCaPH! also has plenty of metafictional elements.

It won’t have nearly as much fourth wall breaking as IAC, but the MWCaPH! MC leans on the fourth wall a lot (like they do in the prologue right now).

@LiliArch Whoops, sorry about that! I did a stealth update to fix the old locket graphics still showing but I didn’t realize one of the files have a new variable in it. But it should be fixed now! (Plus a couple of other things like the Police Officer bug and hair color flavor text.)

I would really appreciate confirmation if I did fix it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Looks like I did another whoopsie! I had to update the startup file (which contains new variables meant for Chapter 3), so please tell me if there any new errors pop up. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


That error seems to be gone, but now I get this one when I’m trying to see stats:


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Thank you for the report! :slightly_smiling_face: I fixed it now. Please let me know if more pop up!

Also sorry for doing it like this, the demo and my current files are different from each other and one bug fix just resulted in a chain of bugs.

Edit: Also it seems like the background music isn’t playing anymore because of issues with Dropbox. Looks like I’ll have to find an alternative. Sorry about that!

Can anyone try it and check if it’s not just me? Thank you!


It was playing in my first play through

Hello! Just to clarify, I’m talking about the MWCaPH! demo, not IAC (although it’s probably in danger too). Did you try it just now? The flashback sound is still playing, but not the music.

I received a notice from Dropbox yesterday and I didn’t see it until now. Either way, I’ll try to replace them with something more reliable as soon as I can. I’m just not in a good headspace right now.

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THIS IS SO COOL!! For a moment, though I knew this was like a…side story to the main story, aptly named a sidequel, I was confused as heck. But then once we reached the cliffhanger, everything added up. Especially since I replayed MWCAPH again, the main characters’ names in that can be the same as in this and omg that’s a trip in a half tbh!! This was incredibly well done!!


@KrazyKeke Oh, wow, thank you so much for the compliments! :blush:

There’s actually quite a few references to MWCaPH! There’s the bedtime story of course, but in case you didn’t notice… Julie, Wayne, and Roselyna actually have cameos in the story. Oh, and the cover art for MWCaPH! is based on the school bus battle in IAC too.

Anyway, I forgot to add this to the announcement post, but I’ve got a new sideblog for IAC! This is where I’ll be posting the spoilers and sneak peeks (instead of the main blog) from now on.

And speaking of, here’s two character art sneak peeks for Wayne’s story world!


Meet Huckle Goldberg and Blueberry Mimidae-Goldberg-Corvidae, co-founders of D’ Warblings Refugee Camp (that D and Rnst visited)!

Also, the background music for MWCaPH! seems to be working again! It was probably just timed out for a bit, but this means that it might be an issue again later, so I left the notice for now.

Again, thank you for reading IAC so far!