🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED May 7 — Public Beta Test Open!]

I am not afraid to admit that it’s how I got her name :sweat_smile:

I don’t mind it much, but please keep it under a spoiler, thanks!

Ah, good to hear you don’t have problems then! I’ll try to keep that in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s funny though, I expected the competitive trait and love-hate relationship choices to be more popular, but the majority in my survey actually want their twins to be close and supportive of each other.

I’m not complaining, of course.

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Hi everyone! I had some free time today, and decided to release a small update about a few things I wanted to address.


v2.2.6 Update

  • Added content warnings to the main menu. This will be updated as new chapters are added. (Please let me know if there’s something you think I should add!)
  • Removed the last two choices from the second choice in the prologue and moved them to the first choice, to better imply that there will be a gender choice later.
  • Clarified that the MC is from another country if you pick the airport choice in the prologue.
  • Clarified what the broken promise is referring to during the fight.
  • Removed EXP gain from the secret discovery during the fight because it was out of place, and is now replaced with a negative relationship notification instead.
  • JM now goes to a tutorial session instead of a council meeting.
  • The Main Quest objectives and reward has been updated when your twin joins the party in Chapter 2.
  • The Horror Stats Screen Header has been changed to Supernatural instead.
  • Added missing stats to a couple of choices.
  • Fixed EXP bug where bonus EXP was being calculated incorrectly.
  • Minor edits/stat adjustments and fixed minor typos
  • Roselyna is now slightly more huggable.

I also changed the thread title again—I originally described MWCAPH! as a “Metafictional Fantasy Adventure”, and while that’s still true, metafiction is very weird to define, and right now I feel like “slice-of-life” is a better descriptor.

I looked through my outline again, and while I definitely have action scenes and set pieces in each story world (which leads to the next world), the fairly slow pacing will continue throughout. There are barely any time skips, and the focus of the narrative is always in the moment.

I wanted to make this clear just in case I made any expectations that the pacing will be much faster once we start exploring the story worlds. After all, the stories we’ll be exploring are the worlds the characters want to live in, and they get to do just that: see what it’s like to live in that world… with the occasional plot hole.


Well, guess it’s time for a replay! And based on what you said so far, I’m really excited to start exploring the worlds!


Time for another replay (or four) and i have to say that i do appreciate the content warnings and the clarifications on certain choices and elements.

Once i finish all four (and, i really mean all) playthroughs, i’ll put the codes here.

Remy's Code


Ryan's Code


Richard's Code


Agnes' Code


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@Kethmos Heehee. You don’t need an excuse to hug Rosie, really. It’s just a small update, but I’m glad you want to do a replay. And yup, I can’t wait to start writing again too!

@Abe Thanks! Oh, and please let me know if you think I missed something, or if there’s something else you think needs clarification.

Anyway, I have another poll:

Where does your MC sit in the classroom?
  • At the front!
  • Near the windows!
  • In the middle!
  • All the way at the back!

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I wasn’t tracking the variable in the playthrough codes, but I may have some plans for it in an upcoming update… :eyes:


If you want the placement for all my MCs, Remy seats near the windows, Ryan seats in the middle while the Madrigal twins both seat at the back (several seats away from each other).

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Btw, i wanted to ask. In the first scene with Lily and JM, is Lily suppose to mention the student council meetings when JM is going to tutor the Grade 4 kids?

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 21.58.22

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Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think half the class should be near the windows and then leave the middle empty. :laughing:

It’s not a big deal that needs addressing, but I guess I shouldn’t expect things to be fairly even by now. Although to be fair, that’s what I would’ve picked too :sweat_smile:

Nope! Lily was referring to JM saying sorry about not being to the group meetings lately, so I decided to keep it in. Just goes to show how much stuff he’s juggling.

Speaking of, I forgot to include an additional option to the bulletin board Top 10 choice in the last update. So I’ll probably just add this choice to the next one:

  • It’ll be a miracle if I ever see my name up there. Let’s just say that I’m lucky JM is willing to be my tutor…

The choice gives you bonus EXP and a relationship boost with JM instead of INT points.

Going forward, I think I’ll add a few more options where you can choose bonus EXP instead of stats/attributes, so you can “power level” a bit and get the large stat increase from leveling up. Your MC has plot armor anyway, so you don’t have anything to worry about not having enough stats early on. Right?

By the way, if you haven’t been following, I made a bunch of artbreeder portraits for the F6E members in my blog! :relaxed:


Love what you’ve done combining slice-of-life with adventure genres! The world needs more games like that.

The little things you’ve done with the UI in particular are really delightful. I love all the little icons and images throughout, and the level of detail and personalization these bring are amazing.

Also, that option to have the spinny pronoun pin on your bag—my heart! That’s absolutely something I would have done as a kid, given the chance! :sob::orange_heart: This game makes me really nostalgic for childhood, which I think was probably the intention. Props to you for creating something so unique and heartfelt.


Is that a parrot? Is that an ornithopter? No, it’s a new update!


v2.2.7 Update

  • Rearranged the order of the first choices in the prologue to be easier to read.
  • Added a choice to give MC and Twin a second given name. This has no restrictions, unlike the first given name.
  • The [Morning Person] and [Night Owl] Traits now temporarily give +10% Bonus to all Attributes during the morning and the evening, respectively. This does not apply yet in the current chapters, as Chapters 1 and 2 are in the afternoon.
  • MCs with the [Country Child] and [Impoverished] backgrounds now automatically share a bedroom with their twin, because it seems weird that Aunt Julie’s house has two extra bedrooms before the twins arrived. The choice still allows you to wish that you have your own bedroom, and you’ll be able to sleep separately in the coming chapters.
  • Added a new choice in your first interaction with Rosie if you have the [Emotional] Trait or the [Physical Touch] Love Language. I’ll try to add more subtle ways of expressing affection with these traits going forward.
  • Added a new option to the Top 10 choice where your MC needs tutoring from JM.
  • Added a new passive: [Needs Improvement], which gives a 10% INT penalty in exchange for a +10% EXP Bonus. This passive is removed upon leveling up.
  • MCs with the [Self-Conscious] Trait now receive a +10% EXP Bonus to counteract the 10% Charm Penalty. This can be explained as the MC feeling a little more confident with themselves for each accomplishment.
  • [Acrophobe] MCs now automatically earn bonus EXP when you peek below from the building in Chapter 2. The choice where you choose not to hold Twin’s hand when going down the stairs now also gives bonus EXP.
  • Added a hint regarding a potential sidequest when choosing not to snoop on Lily.
  • Added two new choices when you tell the group about B to express regret at your decision to continue or abandon the sidequest.
  • Added missing stats to certain choices.
  • Added missing diary unlocked header.
  • Minor edits and fixed typos.
  • Roselyna is now slightly more huggable.

@Arlo Omg hiii! :sob: :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Emojis can’t express it enough, but thank you so much for your comments and feedback! They’ve been very helpful (much of it resulted in the last two updates) and you made me feel much better.

I promise to return the favor as soon as I can!


Yes, new update! i can’t wait to play.

And finally, all those times of me looking for a good second name for all my characters were not in vain. Does that mean that we will have characters giving the twins the Full Name Ultimatum? 'cause i can see Julie do this when she gets angry. Patrick and Robert maybe but mostly Julie.

For those curious:

Rebecca Joyce “Remy/Becca” & Adrian Joseph “Ryan” Valdez
Richard Lewis “Riley” & Agnes Mildred “Miles” Madrigal


Choosing to sleep separately!? :pleading_face: No never going to happen! :scream: That’s not even an option in my headcanon because the twin’s bond would never allow it :smiling_imp:

Now roleplaying aside it is kind of odd for me that siblings of the opposite sex would still be sharing a room let alone a bed because in the UK where I’m from kids of the opposite sex that have started puberty or that are over 10 years old have to stop sharing a room so what I’m saying is while I get why that if you pick a smaller house to live in you have to share a room and you know roleplay reasons for it maybe it could be a dressed or something that it’s fine in the Philippines just for those of us that were told this was not alright growing up if any of this makes sense. :confused:

And just wondering why when starting a new game the background is black?

Also, you know how when choosing the twins names you can choose to make them both start with the same letter and the game will know that.

Is there a way where if you don’t do that but you say the MC wished they did and you make the nicknames start with the same letter instead the game would say something like we wanted to be the same and it makes the twins closer or something like that? if that makes sense.

The same goes for if you make the nicknames start with the letter of each other names for example my twins are called Mieczyslaw and Stanislawa but their nicknames are Max and Stiles in my headcanon the twins pick them because they started with the same first letter of each others name so that no matter what they would always have part of each other.

I understand if this would be to make work I just thought it was worth asking. :blush:


Ohoho, yup! Julie has probably done it before (most likely :heart: Twin), and you’ll probably get to see her do it if you fail on figuring out her laptop password. I don’t think Robert has ever done it, but I can definitely see Patrick doing it later.

Heehee, yup! :blush:

Sure, I can add something like “They’re too old to share a room now” just before the choice so it’s at least acknowledged, and then I can address it in a conversation later in Chapter 3.

Unfortunately this is one of the side effects of aging the MCs up to 12. This would’ve been mostly fine if they were still 8 like I originally intended.

No problem! I can acknowledge that, but getting more in-depth into the reasons should probably stay in headcanon territory. Also, I’m not sure that it’s fair to give a relationship boost to that sort of thing.

It’s supposed to change colors in the flashback part of the prologue, but if it’s already black before you start the prologue, I’m not sure what’s causing that exactly. I can try making the *temp variable for this one permanent, but it’ll have to wait until the Chapter 3 update since it might break some saves. I know I’ll break them anyway, but it’ll be a while before that.

For now, you can manually change the background color in the settings menu.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m always open to little suggestions like this. :slightly_smiling_face:


finally finished it and it was a journey. all the filipino references tugs at my childhood heart. one thing i notice though when you choose to love sweets like rosalina and are in the part where you’re buying foods. the last option about not being as loving with sweets like rosaline kinda seems off or is it just like that? i honestly wasnt expecting to have a trip down memory lane with the pain of waiting for a jeep when its rush hour and colored chicks that i still want to have. im also satisfied with the amount of options where i would actually do that! also seeing the minus beside the heart used to make me sweat since i dont want to make them hate me but i think im fine with some of the choices resulting a minus of someone’s relationship since i want to stay true to what the option i want. cant wait for the next update!

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Surprise! It’s time for another story world preview!

Unlike the first story world sneak peek however, this will focus more on the characters instead of the setting.



The second world you will visit is the fairytale story world, WanderLand, which is based on Rosie’s short story. As you might have guessed, the primary inspiration for the setting is Alice in Wonderland, but it is more of a hodgepodge of fractured fairytales, much like Shrek.

In no particular order, here are some of the characters you will meet:

Baby Sun

It’s the sun! And it’s a baby. Doesn’t do much except giggle occasionally, really.

The Gingerbread Family

A family of gingerbread people you meet while wandering through the forest. Mmm, they’re tasty…

Mother Goose

A worried goose you meet during your adventures, who’s looking for her lost gosling.

Chester Schrodinger

A Cheshire cat with a penchant for asking questions. He somehow manages to stay alive despite all the questions he’s asking. The only one in WanderLand who is aware of being mad. He also plays a mean fiddle.

The Taffy Family

A family of three bears (Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear) who lets the group live inside their brick house.


Rosie’s pink penguin stroller bag who somehow became alive overnight. Tommy is a silly goober much like his namesake, but he’s more than content enough to just carry Roselyna’s things for her—that’s his only purpose anyway (besides whacking bullies), right?

Your Stuffed Toy (Gender and name customizable)

Does Uncle Robert know all along that your stuffed toy can move and talk?

Hickory, Dickory, and Dock

The three blind mice who randomly decided to live inside Tommy and helps the group in their adventures. Hickory is the leader, Dickory is the voice of reason, and Dock is the oldest and smartest of the triplets… who has a little trouble hearing others.

The Stork Baby (Gender and name customizable)

A baby carried by a stork who fell on a tree in Old MacGuffin’s barn. With no one else to rescue, the group decides to carry the baby along for the ride, and maybe find the baby’s parents.

Old MacGuffin

An old farmer who owns farm animals that sing “E-I-E-I-O!” Isn’t afraid to shoot his shotgun to any trespassers on his farm.

Lennie the Giant

A gentle-mannered giant who tends a garden of overgrown beanstalks.

The Big Bad Wolf

An old lady wearing a red cloak that lives in a remote gingerbread house, who mistakes Roselyna and JM (or MC and Twin) as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

The Snow Queen

A mysterious queen who kidnaps children.

Queen Gwenevyr Heart

Rumors say that ever since her husband, King Arthur died, and her daughters, the Twelve Dancing Princesses, fled away to elope with their prince charmings, the Queen of Hearts has slowly grown more unhinged and violent.


The Queen of Hearts’ trusted judge.

The Jabberwock

The Queen of Hearts’ dragon, with jaws that bite and claws that catch. Can you tame this powerful beast?

And yup, it’s the dragon beside the school bus on the cover art!

Santa Claus

Wait, why is Santa Claus in WanderLand? More importantly, does he actually know when you’re awake?

There are lots of other fairytale characters such as Rumpelstiltskin, the Tooth Fairy, and other princesses, but most of them are either mentioned only (may appear later), or have short appearances and only appear in the background.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

@yb_minhee Oh whoops, it looks like I forgot to set the variable for the [Sweet Tooth] Trait! I’ll fix it shortly.

And I’m glad you find it relatable! :smiley: Thanks for the comments, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek in the meantime!

v2.2.71 Update

  • Fixed [Sweet Tooth] Trait bug where it wasn’t being applied.
  • The [Sweet Tooth] Trait will now double the bonuses/penalty from the [Sugar Rush!] and [Sugar Crash] effects.
  • Minor edits.
  • Roselyna is now slightly more huggable.

Here’s a little preview of the next update regarding the [Cryptolingual] Trait! There will be a new section in the diary where you can input your own words and phrases from your own made up language.




Speaking in your secret language will still display them in English (italicized), but inputting your own translations will replace them when appropriate.

I know how hard it is to conlang, so of course, filling them out is not required! There will be no benefits or drawbacks to doing so—it’s only for customization and roleplaying purposes.

I was originally planning to let you input the words whenever they’re relevant, but I figured adding it to the diary will make it as unobstructive as possible. This is still subject to change, of course, let me know what you think of it!


Hi again! As a follow-up to the second story world preview (and the first character sneak peek from the first story world), here’s some more information about one of the characters!



Meet Leaplette, the Jabberwock! :dragon:

(She’s the dragon in the cover art!)

Without spoiling too much, Leaplette is one of the animal companions you will meet in WanderLand that will permanently join your party. Yup—that means she’ll go with you onto the other story worlds!

Wayne gave Leaplette her name, although he originally wanted to name her Leapling before he found out that she’s a girl. Oh, and Rosie is the one who created her dress. Too bad she needs to replace them frequently.

Leaplette will spend most of her time as a cat-sized creature (with a similar personality) that can perch on your shoulder, but in the event that you need her to chomp someone, or if you just want to ride on a a dragon, an Eat Me cake :cake: (a cake that makes you gigantic) is all you need. Just make sure to keep some Drink Me potions :champagne: in reserve to shrink her back down (and make her act like a cat again).

I’m actually not sure yet if she can talk (like most creatures in WanderLand) or breathe fire, but I’m leaning towards no. Of course, it’s totally possible for her to gain the ability later.


Somehow a scaly pet cat who can chomp my enemies is something that i [Ryan/Agnes] would love to have.


Hehe. I’ve always imagined Leaplette (back when she was still named Leapling) curled up around four/one-year-old Wayne’s leg while sleeping, randomly hissing at people who disturbs either of them, and getting back to sleep just like nothing happened. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Her cat personality is one of the reasons I don’t want her to be able to talk. (Although she won’t be happy about being called a cat)

And yup, Leaplette will definitely help you in fighting off the villains in your short story!


Hello! I just wanna share a couple of things I’m changing in the next update.

I hope most people are okay with this since no one really asked for it, but MC’s twin will now have a different favorite color (and thus gemstone) from your MC, for the same reasons they have a different hair and eye color.

I will also be changing the star locket to gold instead of silver. I originally wanted it to be gold too, but I figured I’d give it a different color to more easily differentiate it visually from the other twin’s locket. I don’t think it’s necessary anymore though, now that the lockets will have different gemstones.

Not only do the gold stars look much nicer in my opinion, it was also pointed out to me that making the star locket silver instead of gold has some totally unintended connotations to the value of the traits it represents.

I hope you like them! And just because I’m curious…

What’s your MC’s favorite color/locket gemstone?
  • Red (Ruby)
  • Orange (Citrine)
  • Yellow (Topaz)
  • Green (Emerald)
  • Blue (Sapphire)
  • Purple (Amethyst)
  • Pink (Rose Quartz)
  • Brown (Smoky Quartz)
  • White (Pearl)
  • Black (Onyx)
  • Rainbow (Opal)

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