🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED Dec 25 — Chapter 4 & 5 is here! | 509,000 words]

Hello again! Besides the missing choices in Chapter 5, there’ll be a bunch of other changes in the next update. I’ll discuss those in a separate post, but before I commit to adding one of the new options, I’d like to know:

If you were given the choice to choose where the sleepover will be, which would you choose?
  • Roselyna’s House
  • JM’s Mansion
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(Please don’t vote again if you already voted in the Tumblr poll)

One of the reasons I’m adding JM’s mansion as an option is because you won’t be able to see Tita Steph and Little B again until Volume 6, and I’d like to explore their characters a little more. This would also give you the excuse chance to see B again before Chapter 8 (which I’m sure a lot of people would want, hehe), as well as another BFF scene with JM.

And because of the Chapter 7/8 changes I talked about in the IAC blog, I just realized that adding a second sleepover branch wouldn’t really add too much work. Besides an extra conversation or two with Tita Steph, B, and Little B (who has an earlier bedtime), they’ll be mostly in the background along with Connie and Popoy, so the actual sleepover scenes will mostly stay the same. There’s a small issue with Wayne and Nestor, but Popoy can just drive them back to their house.

I might change the requirements a little, but currently, Tita Steph offers Roselyna to host the sleepover at their place instead if the van wasn’t vandalized/scratched by the bus, and if MC doesn’t have the [Troublemaker] Trait. And speaking of, since no one was really choosing to vandalize the van… I’ll just say that the choice will have an unexpected butterfly effect in Chapter 7. :smiling_imp:

@Zanite I’m pretty much in the same boat as questioning MC, so I’m glad you feel that way! :blush: I’m hoping to add more gender conversations with other characters in the future, which reminds me that there’s another poll I wanted to do. But I’ll leave that for the next one!


By the way, I forgot to mention it here: I’m currently aware of the issue where the background music isn’t playing, if you have turned the setting on.

I’m not sure what the issue is exactly since the IAC background music is still playing (they’re stored on the same location). I don’t have the time yet to troubleshoot the issue, but if nothing works, I could try moving the demo to a different link. Unfortunately, that may have to wait until I finish the rest of Chapter 5. Sorry about that! :sweat_smile:


Alright, so here’s the poll I was talking about:

Would you like it if I include the gender-related options (specifically Trans/Non-binary/Genderfluid/Questioning) to the list of Traits?

What this means is that gender-related choices/interactions will have their own symbol/emoji, instead of displaying the generic “:star:” and help prevent potential confusion when picking the choices. I also thought that some people might want to see their choice acknowledged in the character page, although I understand that some people might not want specific labels for their MCs exactly.

The traits won’t give any additional bonuses, other than the usual “Unlocks special interactions”.

Do you like this idea? (Please don’t vote again if you already voted in the Tumblr poll)
  • Yes, that would be nice!
  • I’m fine either way.
  • Not really. The choices are fine as it is.
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I chose the supernatural option is this supposed to happen?

Yeah, you’re locked out of being a morning person as the greyed out choice says :slight_smile:


I can’t decide what twin names are better.
I dont wanna edit the poll

  • Cammie and Cameron
  • Katherine/Katie and Korey
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  • Katherine/Katie
  • Kinsley
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Hello everyone! The next update isn’t close to being finished yet, since as usual I keep adding in new stuff, but I thought I’d update/recap everyone on all the big changes and new stuff that’s coming.

Next Update Summary

New Nickname Changes/Options

You will now be able to change MC & Twin’s nicknames anytime once you unlock the diary!

In addition, you will now also be able to choose/change the nickname you use for each F6E member (even if you aren’t bestfriends), and change what you call Maggie/MC’s Dad/Julie/Robert via the diary.

Speaking of nicknames, Wayne’s diary entry will now mention that his middle name (and Mary’s maiden name) is Hart! Of course, it’s very much on brand for him to say that that’s his middle name. :smile:

MC's Pet Backstory

MC’s pet will now have a prosthetic (I’m thinking one of their hind legs).

Okay, it’s not an actual backstory, but this opens up new backstory opportunities (you’ll know if you read IAC), about why Julie and Robert adopted them in the first place.

More Details about MC's Dad

In the next update, I will be updating the prologue to mention the job of MC’s Dad, along with finally giving the option to choose where MC’s Dad is from (if your MC is Half-Filipino).

Revamped Twin Fight Scene

I haven’t actually played through DDWCaPH! since I finished Chapter 2, and when I finally did last month, I noticed a ton of typos, confusing lines, and awkward scenes, which I’ll be working to address.

The twin fight scene in Chapter 1 is definitely a big offender, so I’ll try to rewrite it so it has a bit more build up and context about the twins’ big fight after the cursed fieldtrip.

New Secret About Julie & Maggie

The last conversation you have with Paddy in Chapter 5 will have new details about Julie’s laptop. Technically I’ve already kinda spoiled this secret before in one of the older versions, but here’s a related hint featuring a new choice in Chapter 3:

I’ve also changed a few details in the conversation about how Tita Josie met Kuya Popoy, but you’re not supposed to know that secret until Chapter 6 in the new branch. :wink: Speaking of…

JM's Mansion Sleepover Branch

Since I’ll be skipping the Investigation Branch for now, I figured adding this branch is a good middle ground. It also lets me move the unfinished party conversation with Tita Steph/Yaya Connie/Kuya Popoy to that branch instead, since the party scene is overloaded already. Plus, it’s also the only chance you’ll have to visit his mansion.

Anyway, it looks like the majority want to have the sleepover at JM’s instead! (Although I have a hunch that some of you are just more interested in having the chance to talk to B again :stuck_out_tongue:) I had a bit of trouble adapting some of the Chapter 6 scenes I’ve planned, but I figured it out eventually.

Ancestry and Heritage Passives

You will now be able to select your MC’s Ancestry Trait regardless of your chosen favorite genre! You can check out this post for details about all the new passives.

Character Class, Trait, and Stat Adjustments

Character Class Buffs

Class Bonuses will be increased from 5/10/20% to 10/20/30% to make them more impactful. Class Passives will now also give +25/50/100% EXP from successful stat checks of the same stat as the Class Bonus (since the coding for it is already there).

Vocabulary Trait Changes

Someone pointed out that it’s weird that inputting a custom swear word always censors it, so now I’m making it so that only the :baby_chick:[Young at Heart] and :hatching_chick:[Child at Heart] Traits will censor your input and most of the swear words.

In addition, the above traits will now grant bonus EXP when increasing your Naive Personality, while the other two vocabulary traits :eagle:[Mini-Adult] / :duck:[Childhood Graduate] will grant bonus EXP when increasing your Precocious Personality to make them a bit more immersive.

Gender Traits

As mentioned in the above poll, I was considering including the gender-related options (specifically Trans/Non-binary/Genderfluid/Questioning) to the list of Traits.

The majority seemed in agreement, so I’ll go ahead with the change (unless someone has a good argument against it). I think adding it to the list of traits better communicates to the player that it’s not just a cosmetic choice that gets forgotten.

Other Trait Adjustments

The :1st_place_medal:[Top 5] and :2nd_place_medal:[Top 10] Trait Requirements have been lowered significantly (and now takes MC’s Knowledge Stat into consideration). To make the EXP Penalty make more sense, it now only applies to EXP gained from Knowledge Stat checks.

This also applies to the :sunglasses:[Self-Confident] EXP Penalty (it now only applies to EXP gained from Charm Stat checks).

There are a bunch of other Trait adjustments, but these are the biggest ones.

New Locket Stat and Intimidation Stat Rework

Now that you’ve discovered one of your locket’s powers, I’ve decided to add a new main stat alongside your HP. This will function like mana or energy in other games, and if you’ve read IAC, you probably have an idea of what this will be used for in the future. :wink:

Your maximum HP will now also be increased to 1,000, and each point of Vigor will now increase it by 10. This was done to make chip damage (like being whacked with a stuffed toy) less threatening.


The Intimidation Stat will now be based on your Vigor Stat, and is increased by 50% of both of your Cold and Composed Personality Stats. Certain Traits/Passives will still increase/decrease Intimidation, but this makes the stat less dependent on your personality stats.

For example: A Tall MC with 30 Vigor, 70% Cold, and 50% Composed will have an Intimidation Stat of 54.

Missing Choices

This includes:

  • Valentine’s Entry in Roselyna’s Diary
  • Karaoke party scene with Paddy, Wayne, and Roselyna
  • Pinoy Henyo party scene with Lily, JM, Yaya Connie, Kuya Popoy, and Mayari
  • Sari-sari Store Trinket
  • Chapter 3 Bike Choice (This was already coded actually, I just forgot to make it selectable :sweat_smile:)
  • The 3rd Phone Game (Honestly I procrastinated doing this one because I wanted to make the name different according to your favorite genre. Yup.)

That’s not everything in the next update, but yup, that’s why it’s taking so long again. I’m also aware that the background music isn’t playing, so I’ll try to fix that as well (no idea how that happened).

Anyway, feel free to ask me questions about the next update!

Yup! The restriction probably makes more sense with the upcoming heritage update (since you’ll now be able to choose to have werewolf/vampire heritage, for example), but I’ll remove the restriction if you choose to have nephilim heritage instead.


Is it possible for you to show the scene where MC tries to fight B and wins. Because for me getting that scene has been impossible. :laughing:

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It’s a great revamp since some traits were broken before. I can’t wait for the new content when it’s ready