🌈 Dear Diary, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Slice-of-Life Fantasy Adventure) ~ [UPDATED Dec 25 — Chapter 4 & 5 is here! | 509,000 words]

Please tell me that all the spots aren’t taken… I’d love to give feedback for this!

@Manaxaggd Everyone can be a kid if you just think hard enough!

@Abe Rosie will be upset when she actually doesn’t get the bread :smile:

I thought about giving the twin a second favorite genre, but uhh, let’s just say there’s a reason I won’t. :wink:

And yup, there’ll be other options for the gift too.

Also, you know Lily’s full name, right? It rhymes with both her first name and surname. :stuck_out_tongue:

@feather_light :heart_eyes: I love their facial expressions and the little lockets! I won’t lie, sometimes I even forget they’re wearing them. Hehe.

Ooh, do you mind if I add this in the story? I think the scene will be more impactful if the twin throws the handkerchief at the (emotional) MC just before they run away.

This is why I love reading about other people’s MCs. It gives me a lot of ideas for future interactions.

By the way, I forgot to ask: Do the personality stats match how you were playing the MCs? It would also be super helpful if you can send me a screenshot of their stats (just the personality stats page is fine). Thanks!

@Sade98 Can you please be more specific? A screenshot or a copy paste of the line would be very helpful!

And yes, better to have the option than not have it, right? Although the option is mostly there so you can get the pronoun pin. You won’t get it if you choose not to tell everyone.

@Raphael_Sylva Yup! I wrote this story for all the child-at-hearts out there. And thanks! I think so too. :sweat_smile:

@Pinmat135 They’re all taken for now, unfortunately. But as soon as it clears up, I’ll let you know! And we’re already past halfway the goal, so you might not have to wait for too long!


Easyer said than done i dont remember where i saw it :sweat_smile:

Edit i promise to screenshot next time

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Feel free to add that in! Both MCs seem to line up pretty well with how I’ve been playing them.

Luke's Stats

Maddie's Stats


@Sade98 Make sure to take one for the personality stats too!

@feather_light Thanks! Your characters seem to have a lot of dominant stats already! I wasn’t expecting Luke to have such high Cold/Reserved/Opportunist Points and also love fairytales and singing. :smile:

Maddie’s going to get along just fine with Rosie though! I can see she got the special hug interactions. :hugs:


3 pics because my phone and i managed to put them in the wrong order 🤦

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That’s fine! And thanks for sharing them.

I’m seeing quite a few 100% stats and now I’m wondering how hard it’ll be to finish the story with a 100%. That would be a very hard achievement to get.

Also, I didn’t expect to be at 82 likes this quick! Now I feel a little dirty. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for everyone who has shown interest so far, and I hope I won’t disappoint. :blush: I’ll do one more update when it goes public, and I’ll see if I can finish the “Share Stats” feature so you won’t have to post screenshots of the stats screen everytime.


Okay, let me just start by saying this is absolute ART! I remember playing the first version and though I did enjoy that one, I love this one even more!

The level of depth, the choices of different genres, the customization, all of it is just amazing! I especially like how small things (like the character’s hair color) isn’t just something you choose; it’s actually mentioned and actually acknowledged if it’s a rarer shade.

Don’t even get me started on the personalities! Depending on their behavior (disciplined vs troublemaker) not only does it effect other character’s relationships - something you almost NEVER see in games like this - but it also effects how well they do in school (ex. One of my character’s was able to leave early to visit their twin, the other ended up losing that privilege).

Height is actually acknowledged by family, narration, and even B, and their build is even acknowledged (by Roselyna so far when the player twin is receiving hugs). It even acknowledged the twins having alliterative names!

I especially enjoyed the little bits of Tagalog sprinkled in there. I don’t really know anything about the Philippines but it’s cool learning about other places and languages! The context was very clear and I had little trouble figuring out what everything meant. Aside from titles, which were pretty easy to guess, anything else I might not have known like full sentences, were explained right after in a way that so you actually handled that very well!

Really, the only thing I had trouble with was po, but after a little more reading it became pretty clear that was a title, too. I’ve read a few wip’s that left me confused because I had no idea what was being said and I would usually have to stop to look things up, but the way you handled it didn’t break immersion at all and I didn’t have to stop in the middle to look at an index or look online. Very well done!


Imma bookmark it ~

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100 LIKES! :heart:

(definitely not way too excited for a public demo)


Yay! We’ve reached 100! :tada: Thanks for all the :heart:! I honestly didn’t expect to reach it so quickly.

I can release the demo now, but I’m going to delay it for a couple of days so that it’s as polished as possible. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

Everyone's been waiting for you...


Hello! I should’ve known the update wouldn’t be done in a couple of days. I kinda got sidetracked and added several more choices.

Anyway, I’m still working on the locket personality stat notifications, and I’m posting a sneak peek here for feedback so I don’t have to change all the colors later.

Locket Notifications


Please let me know if you find them hard to read!


i like the shade of blue used. The red looks threatening in dark mode but i’m on the fence if the font has something to do with it or not. The magenta(?) took me some getting used to.


I think if you make the red a touch more yellow it might make it look less threatening. I kind of like it though. It’s super bright. Personally I feel the “Warm/Cold” text might be better in purple, like a nice shade of lavender maybe?


This seems like so much fun! Great plot, and love how to plot always sticks to you previous choices as you progress! Would love to give this a try if there is a spot left.

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@Abe @QuixquillianParadise Alright! This seems much better, yeah?



@Krinse Hi there! I’m not taking anymore testers, but the demo will be public in a few days!


They all look good to me. Good call on the outline.

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Yes, they look great!

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The update and public demo is finally here! :tada:

You can find the link in the first post above. I’ve also updated the post with new information.

v2.0 Public Release Change Log

• Added a choice for each genre that gives your first attribute points.
• Fake bedtime story ending choice now only appears if you threw the locket picture away.
• Added a choice in the short story where MC can ask why they can’t choose a uniform.
• Added a choice when MC thinks about what it’s like being an only child.
• Added another introvert choice when asking Ma’am Bianes about the homework.
• Added another choice when Wayne and Roselyna invites you to the canteen.
• Replaced griffin and ram plushies with a chained wolf and a baby kraken.
• Removed ‘Embrace’ from the favorite hug word selection because it didn’t fit some sentences.
• Removed custom inputs for mother and father.

• The Character Page Viewer is here! A code will be displayed when you finish the demo. You can then copy this to share your choices with others!
• Added [Generous], [Selfish], [Neat Writer], [Cursive Writer], [Doodle Artist] and [Messy Writer] Traits.
• Added [Mature] Trait in the Personality Stats Screen. This only shows up when you have 60%+ Precocious to indicate when your character has a different vocabulary.
• You will now gain or lose starting relationship with certain characters according to your favorite story genre. This change won’t be shown in the notifications.

• Updated title headers.
• Added new headers. Headers now have four different styles according to your handwriting trait.
• Added whiteboard drawing.
• Added icons for each locket gem.
• Added icons for stat, attribute, and relationship changes.
• Replaced relationship bars with relationship hearts.

• Personality Stat Points are now removed in the stat bars for better readability. This may be re-added somewhere else in the future.
• Relationship meters no longer show exact percentage. Each filled heart is equivalent to 10% positive relationship, while a half-heart is worth 5%.
• Locket notification point indicators now display stat icons instead of text.
• Revamped ‘About Me’ section in the Stats Screen.
• Wearing your locket outside your clothes will no longer show relationship notifications.
• Changed B’s nickame priority for the MC. Added new nickname for MCs wearing eyeglasses.
• Changed [Not Interested/Cootiephobe] Trait flavor text.
• Renamed [Quick Learner] Trait to [Studious], and switched flavor text with [Gifted].
• Chubby MC now gains bonus relationship with Roselyna.
• Chubby MC is now chubbier than Roselyna if they also gained weight when they grew up. This has no additional stat effects.
• Minor edits, fixes, and stat tweaks.

Check out the Character Page Viewer Feature!

At the end of the demo, you will see a long string of numbers and letters. You can copy this code and enter it into the Character Page Viewer in the demo.

This is an experimental feature I developed to let you share your choices and character page with me and others. I’ll work on improving this in the future if the feedback is positive.

I’ll go ahead and share my own playthrough codes!

MWCAPH! was first written as a traditional novel, with Wayne and Roselyna as the original main characters (back when they were just 8 years old). Since I can’t play as them, I decided to rename them and play as their gender-flipped versions instead.


211122261121e211312111233181145231117k211111132134224332112221314b2132241355112212|076096068095043023007022034|056037092091067050|220900000012010482[Rayne|Raynie|Russell|Russie|Dela Cruz]


122112211111g111311112234216154111112d1111211321221131311141b4624h2121112235211113|097055100092009004022087067|052075078096085019|092501000023110521[Russell|Russie|Rayne|Raynie|Dela Cruz]


Hi! I’m reading the demo for the first time. Should we report here bugs if we find them?

That “her” should be “him”.

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