Deadbury Academy (WIP), new zombie-survival game from Mia and JimD - updated 8/31/23 - 51,000 words

Yeah, no. I don’t like people touching me without permission already. But this? Hell no! That’s full on sexual assault right there. I’d either kick his stones so hard they turn purple or knock his lights out. Possibly both.


Art Thou a Tsundere.

Can you guy’s maybe making update log so we know what is being updated, i just feeling curious


Right after the title screen, there is a change log.


I hope the adult MC meet MC teen. Perhaps they are related. Parents or aunt/uncle. I really liked the air marshal and the scientist. It would be a shame if they turn out to be dead.

Realistically, I don’t see any way that that first MC could have survived. Yes, plane crash survival is more likely than not these days, but in a lot of those cases, the pilots know that the plane is going to crash and are constantly at the controls, trying to minimize the eventual fallout/dropping to a lower altitude/whatever. This was basically an uncontrolled dive from cruising altitude with chaos in the cockpit

Last I heard it takes about 45 minutes for a commercial airliner to crash with no engines. Meant to be plenty of time to restart an engine.

And all multi-engine aircraft are designed to be able to fly with one engine off-line

That’s the thing though, the game explicitly states that the plane crashed and exploded, and the scene we get from inside the plane right before the POV jump is of it going into a nose dive after an infected takes down the pilot inside the cockpit


Yep even they somehow survived that they would fall prey to the zombies that did make it due their injuries. We are yet to see our first new report about it.

Adult MC was also not in a seat. Doubtful if she would have been able to make it to and buckle up into one once the chaos had broken out.


More likely, I’m thinking that whatever that MC was carrying will be found by this MC during exploration of the wreckage after the crisis or some such


That mc was there to help introduce the dead and how the plane went down. I’m more concerned how many zombies survived and how far they moved. I just feel feel bad the emergency crew who finds it.

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I should clarify I’m talking about a controlled glide, not a nose-dive. If the pilots lose control, then yeah, it’ll be a very quick descent.

The teen MC stats can be affected by the stats we choose for the adult MC if i read it correctly a while back.

In that playthrough got grabbed into a bathroom i dont recall if that happens in all the adult play but is it posible they survive that way? Real world not likely lol but for the story? Maybe.

Aa much as that crash is a concern and likely what causes the spread of virus even more to town… i acctually have this suspicion the kid who died in the class room might comes back as zombie to spread it through school as well because was the piece that went through him…it might have the virus on it.

Lol in anycase im looking forward to seeing how it all gets unveiled.


Anything is survivable if they’re a Resident Evil protagonist.


Unless your Ethan. Ironically having an actual reason for being really durable beyond plot armor made him that much more susceptible to death.