Deadbury Academy (WIP), new zombie-survival game from Mia and JimD - updated 1/2/24 - 70,000 words


You will absolutely meet the father and fairly soon.


Daaamn this is pretty good! Excited to see where it leads, feels like a solid concept and the writing is on point. Hope I get to play even more soon!


Damn, are we in 28 days later cuz those infected change fast.


bros got claws and shit too.


Looks like it and can turn even faster than his other zombie wip he is working on. Doing the doc character at the start shows blood trying to get us in the glass storage so this thing can actually infect u without being bitten and it has some intelligence to seek hosts in that state.

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I don’t want to compare stuff already but the premise reminds me of All of Us are Dead and I am all for it, can’t wait for the characters. :+1:


Same. We haven’t met any actual important characters yet. I’m hoping for a variety of personality’s for them and some good ro’s


I just want a harem… simple. I’m a simple man with simple tastes, while trying to survive the world. Ala High School of the Dead.


How many levels of post-apocalyptic warlord will we be able to get on?





I find myself rather fond of this game and premise. I’m unsure though what the prologue MC has to do with the student MC? For example, what happens if they have the same surname (of course for something like Smith or Patel same last name != relative, but for other surnames you know of other bearers as family members even if you’ve never met)? I like them both and can’t wait to see more of the game. I’m also looking forward to the sibling challenge. I’m also unsure what my MC’s extracurricular will be (either JROTC or 4H or the equivalent of Science Olympiad [for the sweet sweet crafting]), all choices are good.


I want to say thank you to everyone who’s tried the demo, or had changes/recommendations/etc. I especially want to thank @JimD.

I know I like your Patchwerks. And I’m sure Atlantis or the Haunting Babysitter will be good.

As @JimD mentioned, this will be revealed later, though if it doesn’t work out we will change/alter it.


In later builds, will the challenges be listed in the main character sheet (like in ZESH)? Will the characters tied to your challenges (ex. The younger sibling, the other parent of MC’s child) show up in the character sheet? Also, will reputation and influence be explained in Skill Explanations? I also hope that the Sibling isn’t too unlike the Nephew (while the Nephew was a very adaptable and helpful child to the point of not feeling like a challenge at times, I hope that the Sibling isn’t a completely unhelpful pill even though they are a little under twice the Nephew’s age just because they’d be differentiated from the Nephew if they acted like that).


Oh, btw, something I noticed is that the character stats don’t update until after you’ve fully completed CharGen (or, at least, I checked the stats at one point mid-CharGen and they were all at 10%). Is it a quirk of the system, or something done on purpose? It sort of hampers a bit if you’re trying to balance some skills out.

Thank you (and Jim) for giving us a demo to try out. :slight_smile:


finally, a survival game centered around teens! I’ve been reading ZE and ZESH since i was 12 and have high expectations for this :smiley:


Sounds awesome! Teen pregnancy, brother with addiction etc :heart_eyes::heart: so many things that can affect the story.


Also a small thing: it seems we can have up to 3 hobbies. However, if we change our mind about a hobby, we are not allowed to pick a new one (we only get the stat boosts of 2 hobbies) and the hobby picking ends. That said, I like that we get options for how the hobby improved our skills rather than a flat improvement. Well done.


Hey Im not sure if this is obvious or if im just dumb, But is the teen pregnancy only sonething thats important for fmcs or will mmcs have a baby mama in/out the school that we’ll meet?


I kinda assumed it will work the same way Nephew worked in ZE:SH, meaning it will generate a character, male or female, who happens to be the father or mother of the child.
Maybe we will be able to pick the character who’s stuck in the same boat as us, but don’t know how they will be implemented.