Deadbury Academy (WIP), new zombie-survival game from Mia and JimD - updated 1/2/24 - 70,000 words

Off to a good start but I’m a bit confused how some challenges would play out considering it’s a school such as haunted and addiction since it’s a school so getting those things would be hard and haunted is difficult cos it’s zombies not a ghost story


Yeah, having a kid, or sired one, plus having your sibling as challenges could be interesting to say the least. Lot of potential for sure.

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I am VERY interested to see how haunted plays out. Cause trying to survive a zombie apocalypse while a ghost is either fucking with you or being your buddy sounds pretty cool.


I love ZESF and I bet I’ll love this one too! Good luck!

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Ooohhhh… Zombie outbreak in school? Yes, please. The premise is piqued my interest.

I’m looking forward for future updates. :+1:t2:


Since the pregnancy for f!MCs will be playing a big part for the story (will def be playing with that weakness) will there also be consequences if any of the addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, weed) are also choosen?
Because all of those things affect a pregnancy very negatively.


Awesome so far! Thank you for blessing us with another work of yours. :heart:
The switch between the prologue and first chapter kinda threw me off but i realised what the link was (I’ve had bad sleep so my brain worked slowly lol)
Regarding the challenges, I am quite curious to see how they’ll play out, especially the haunted, cigarette addiction and visual impairment options.
Looking forward to more updates~

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Sounds interesting

Back for more.


I have no idea what either 4-H or ROTC are.


After you pick your (first?) hobby, you get this screen, with no explanation. Is it a second hobby, or am I looping here?

Not sure if intended, but one of these options gives a 20 point increase (or at least it says it does).

And I’ve reached the end for now. Looking forward to more.

Sounds very cool can’t wait for more

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This is a cool inspiration here Pretty much trying to survive on a high school The middle of zombie Apocalypse as a teenager But it’s more private with dormitories


4-H is a network of youth organizations that enourages students to learn skills and complete projects in areas such as health, science, agriculture etc.

ROTC is a college based officer corps program for students who may want to eventually join the military as an officer. Edit: Nvm it calls itself Junior ROTC


Thanks. This is so specific to the US that I think it might merit a different entry in the choices.


Thank you to everyone who read the first part and thank you for the feedback!

As you know, I truly appreciate your help.

It’s Great.

The younger sibling will be similar, in spirit, to the nephew in ZE:SH. However, this will be a very distinct person with their own motivations and personality. Fathering a child will be integrated in the story as well.

It is working for me. Which browser are you using?

There is a good reason for it. After it is revealed in the game, we can all discuss if it works or not.

Thank you! I’m also looking forward to your creative endeavors.

Most likely in the next release, some of these questions will be answered.

Yes, lots of things will interact. For example, a hooligan with short fuse is going to be an explosive combination.

Thank you for all of your feedback and finding these little bugs.

I had no idea about the 4-H club before I started coding this. I definitely see your point. I’m wondering if I should create a primer on the stats page, or include definitions as part of each choice option. Or maybe include a choice to be the primer. Thoughts?


It’s working now. I have no idea why it wasn’t working then, becuase I changed absolutely nothing. :man_shrugging:


If it’s mentioned only at this point, I don’t think it merits an entry in the stats page - if it comes up later a reasonable amount of times, it might. If it’s the former, and provided the definitions don’t bloat the choice unduly, that looks like the best way to me.

Also, Adam has Godzilla posters? I know who my bestie’s gonna be!

So I was meant to let you know my opinion. I would say it was an interesting premise to say the least (weirdly, made me recall Dead Island 2 for some reason)

I am curious of the Haunted weakness, cause for some reason, it felt like something supernatural was creeeping in.


I like the idea of a choice to explain each activity. It would be a good way to hint at which skills are involved in each, as well as define them for those who may not be familiar. It could be written as a flashback to a school activity fair or something, to avoid breaking immersion.


The shriek I let out when I saw this lovely author then saw the premise


You know for the teen pregnancy is it planned for the father of the bebe to be able to be met? Or is it just never going to be addressed and be forgotten abt it? And seeing as we haven’t gotten to talk with characters all I am hoping for is to be the Regina George of the Cheer Squad

Well good luck making the challenges. It’s nice to know the start will influence the game a bit later despite the chances of surviving the crash being low with zombies onboard if there are even any left that are not too damaged to move. The plane crash reminds me of a map on call of duty zombies.

One final thing why does the character on the plane affect our mc at the school? They are different people so their personality shouldn’t impact the student.