Days of the Demon Lord

I third that. This is just tto make this post 20 characters long. :smile:

I fourth @Dark_Stalker.

5th, I guess? @Dark_Stalker

Thanks everyone - I have edited the stats for the last time (finally… I hope!), and have included an update bring the word count to over 10000. Not much more length but the appearance selection took a while to write and is still not entirely finished. Really appreciated the feedback… more? :slight_smile:


I like the stats, and looking in the mirror after freaking out was nice, we can earn titles?

Yay…it lives. Liking the new stats section…though whatever our poor characters choose to wear here, I imagine will be horribly out of fashion after 10000 years. Hmmm…that would make kidnapping a few dozen tailors one of our first priorities for our new reign of terror.

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Will we be able to have a fair few fights? And if so what stats will help in them? Or will it just be a ‘choose choice and it happens’ kind of a thing?
And please tell me we get to use a comedic torture chamber!

Make love not war. Or rather corruption not destruction. :smiley:

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So, in Upcoming Releases, there is a project called Demon Lord of The Labyrinth scheduled for 2016. Is this that?

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This is amazing I enjoyed it a lot

So fun! I’m still giggling about my fluffy pink minions ruining around my black Gothic castle.

You had me hocked at big red button XD love it

The #ThreadPolice are here! Hands behind your back lol

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Don’t worry, it’s new years eve and we can probably run wild for once since I have a sneaking suspicion the mods are all far too drunk and busy partying to stop us tonight, right @Havenstone @jasonstevanhill.

Still sad to see this funny little gem die though.


Hey guys, this is pretty neat! :smile:

HA this was so awesome cant wait for more

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