Days of the Demon Lord

Thanks for all of the feedback!

@Verand - glad to know the humor is actually funny!

@fox_vixen - Yep, that will be an interesting plot twist later on

@fantom - Never played it, but looked it up, There won’t be too much in common, I should think

@idonotlikeusernames - No shape changing, but yes you can look like a handsome prince/princess

@WaterOracle - LOL! I might actually implement something like it!

@Claymore - Romance will be an option, but only a few romance-able characters

@HornHeadFan - Thanks so much! Means a lot, especially coming from the creator of Community College Hero!

@Shoelip - you will be able to use different tactics, but there will be consequences

@Dark_Stalker The stats this update are final… I think :smile:

Any feedback on the update would be appreciated! It is now 6000 words!

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Nice update! I didn’t find my minions but at least I didn’t lose my romance novels!
I wouldn’t want them to end up like the solid gold potato collection

@fox_vixen - I’m glad you liked it - your comment really made my day

Anyways here’s another 1000 word update - now 7000 words total and again, feedback = happy!

Still haven’t found your minions though :frowning:

Ahhh, I still need to punish them…

You love darkness no?

There is beauty in the dark…

This is true more fun on evil.

Tiny error: “Because mortal blacksmiths were so incompetant”, should be incompetent.

Other then that this things runs absolutely flawlessly.

Psssst hey…
How you doing?

Update coming very soon - and you will have finally found your minions!

'Bout time, the place needed some cleaning up. And they better have a good excuse for leaving the place alone for so long, my poor wards…

Punishment! How dare they ruin my acid pool!

@Jaxx @Dark_Stalker - the update will include what happened to the wards and the acid - and give you a chance to fix it


“Fix it”? My life sounded pretty bad before, we must remake and improve everything!

Okay, due to dropbox setback only a small update - no minions, but I hope everyone enjoys and that I can have the next bit up later today

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They were almost in my grasp!

Can’t wait. Oh yeah!


Anyway, before I implement the next update I was wondering… stats… would you prefer them as individual or opposed categories? Just because it will be harder to change it the further I progress!

I prefer individuals for skills If it’s personality than I appreciate opposed.


I’m with @Dark_Stalker on this one. I like individual stats for skills but when it comes to personality stats I like them opposed.