Dawn of the Rebellion (WIP)

Hi everyone! You may have seen me in the interest check thread a few weeks ago, and I finally have the introductory chapter ready! It’s a little over 78k words in writing and coding so far as my first project using Choicescript.

Dawn of the Rebellion

Morrigan nods knowingly. “The bridge between the Celestial race and the rest of the races grows every day. They say the Crown, more importantly the Queen” their voice drops to a whisper, “created the Rifts for more purposes than to cripple magic-wielding criminals.”

In the great Kingdom of Roma, unease stirs. Ruthless Celestial queen, Queen Melitte, is determined to rule with an iron fist after slaughtering the true decedents of the Lost Gods. A hero must rise to knock Melitte off the throne, unravel the mystery of why the Lost Gods went quiet years before, and perhaps learn the truth of who you really are.

  • As the hero, rise to the occasion and strategize to take the throne.
  • Evade or befriend spies, assassins, and mysterious spirits.
  • Wield magical weapons - each with a secret.
  • Romance a variety of characters - ranging from druids and elves to demi-gods. (I’ll be incorporating some delicious tropes. You will also have the option to choose whether you would like to see sexually explicit scenes or not).
  • Travel across multiple provinces, gathering allies and foes alike.

Some more details: The environment is Greco-Romanesque with a mix of magic similar to Faerie/Greek mythology. It’s a heavily character-based story. While skills and abilities are used throughout the game, the story will rely more on you using context clues, relationships, and the world around you for choosing answers rather than just boosting one stat. I want to create a dynamic environment and for you to not have to check your highest stats before every decision, but instead shaping details based on decisions. (There will still be some important pass/fail checks). It will remain a linear main story, with sub-stories branching.

At first, it was an ambitious idea, but I’ve cut it all down into a plan for a series rather than one book. I’ll be adding more information, such as ROs, or FAQ to this post if needed. I’d like to update regularly, but we’ll see how it goes!

DEMO: https://dashingdon.com/go/3754


It sounds great; I’ll review it tonight.


I liked this! Every single character encountered sparkles with their own distinct personality, and I find myself interested in the elf lady… my short term memory is failing me.

I wasn’t sure what duskwalking was when I picked it as my skill in the Guild Inn, and only learned when we chose a weapon; I guess the intended order was to visit the weapon master beforehand?


The preparations can be chosen in any order, but I’ll probably add short descriptions for the skill choices at the guild or just add skill descriptions to the index. Thanks for the comment!


Did I hear someone mention Greek/Roman mythology?

Finally! The last decade of spending hours of to learn centuries of history shall not be in vain!


Lol! I’d decided to incorporate my own original mythology while drawing the “feel” of it from Greek/Roman mythology. I was a Percy Jackson nerd growing up for sure.


Looks interesting so far. Might want to change Morrigan’s name to avoid getting sued by BioWare though… :grin:


This was definitely interesting. You got a lot of strong things going for you and your writing. Certainly piqued my interest. I always do like a story based off real life mythology with some mixture of more modern tastes to create a strong and derivative story. I wish you luck with your writing and may Hermes inspire you.


So good and fun to read! Easy to get lost in and ofc I love Eve! I love the amount of choices you can have during any conversation. I can’t wait for more!


Nah, Morrigan is a name from mythology. Its pretty famous for the Bioware character, but I’d guess its like Arthur, in that its a name who refers to a character who has been imagined and re-imagined through the centuries.

Really enjoying the game so far. I’m noticing some places where quotes aren’t properly paragraph spaced. Not sure if this is intentional but just something to note. Also they’re color of life should perhaps be rewritten to “their color” or “They’re the color”


Aww, thank you!

Ty so much for your support. Also Eveline definitely seems to be a favorite between you and other friends that have read, lol.

Funnily enough, I’ve never played Dragon Age. As @tangerine_skies noted, the name Morrigan is popularly linked to mythology.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Unfortunately I haven’t learned all the ins-and-outs of Choicescript, so I’ll soon figure out how to paragraph properly within post-choice dialogue. Also thanks for noting the “they’re the*” typo. Glad you enjoyed!


Hi, it should just be two returns. Hope this helps.

I really liked this. Especially what you did with the unique weapons our mc gets to choose from. Look forward to seeing what they can do in a battle in a future update.


Already a huge fan of this one :grin:

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Great idea and characters! I’m already looking forward to travelling the world and ending up in hilarious situations :blush:

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Loved the fact that we can show immense gratitude to the blacksmith lady


Hello there, liking what I’ve read so far. The Hellenic/Roman inspiration in the setting and world-building really makes the history nerd in me happy :laughing:

Customization wise, the options are pretty deep and varied, from the weapon choice to how you fight. (Also, tysm for adding anime hair colors as default choices)

Some typos


or maybe furocity>fury (?)

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Aaah! I love it!
I second the previous comment, I’m glad we have some weird hair colors availble!
I wish we had save slots though - easier to check the various branches. Could that be implemented in future updates?

Now, onto the main thing… well… how can I say that without sounding like the greatest weirdo on the forums…
Okay so… this appeals to my biggest kink ever… Artificial left arms… :two_hearts:
No, I’m not kidding.
I was attracted to Savin from the get go, and then… the arm… I’m melting… :heart_eyes_cat:

Please tell me he’s a romance option? I’m gonna cry so badly if he’s not XD

Really though, the demo is a tad too short for me go give deeper feedback aside from fangirling and becoming a puddle over Savin.


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