Dawn of Heroes (WIP)

I like the karma system, but… it does feel bothersome at times. So gonna have to agree with @Empress_Nightmare on that. The reason I think it is a bothersome is, because it has us worrying whether or not if we should save or use it now or later which scene would be best to use it or not at all. So I think it’s best to just remove it and increase the stats gained for skills and characteristics and use those for stat checks instead and leave the karma out since it adds extra worry for us and work for you really. That’s my 2 cents. :kissing: :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s cause if you use up all and go negative and need 'em so desperately in the upcoming content, it’ll be a pain to restart over and over.


Well I do not wish to remove the system. I am rather proud of it. The point of it really is not to make Skill Checks easier, it was just an application. I was wanting to make it so the reader had some control over the narrative, but wanted to avoid them eliminating all issues with ease. It would balance out events in the story.

I have designed choices in the game around the Karma system, it does not add extra work. Allowing for these choices is part of what I like of choice stories. The Karma system just puts in a little balance on the choices. It does have its flaws, though.

I had not realized that it was such a nascence. I have come up with two solutions that may satisfy both the readers and myself.

  1. I expand the amount of Karma Points allotted to the reader.
  2. I make it so that you can turn off the Karma System in Chapter 3 when it is first introduced.

Neither option is hard to implement. I built most of the script to be rather modular in anticipation of changes. There are pros and cons to both options.


Id have to go with the second choice. Give the reader the option to use Karma or not. That aside, loving this WIP. Keep at it :blush:

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This I believe works best :ok_hand: :+1:


Lol albeit me liking the Karma point system, I’d rather go with turning them off.

choicescript_stats line 43: Non-existent variable ‘valherovig’

What chapter was that error in?

EDIT: Figured it out. Should be fixed.

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If I may suggest something so you don’t have to make any tweaks whatsoever to the karma system, it would be that the first stat choices when you’re choosing which physical stats your character will be predominant in, also increases choices related skills like deception etc… also every choice the character makes could increase a certain skill by a certain percentage

I’m not quite understanding what you are suggesting regarding the first stat choices. My apologies.

As for the skills. I already have it set up that the character gets better at any skill they use. So if you choose to use deception, right after the check your deception increases. It does not matter if you pass or fail. I am trying to avoid making skills too high because they will naturally grow the more you use them. I hope that makes sense.


11/26 Week’s end update

  • Released Chapter 9 third route. Enjoy the Irishman.
  • Input a custom pronoun option
  • Allowed for the player to select non-binary love interest.
    • This will switch some love interests to be non-binary
  • Fixed the work LI not having a name if MC was bisexual bug
  • In Custom Build Hero, changed the default/top selections to ‘None’ and ‘Hero does not have “…”’
  • Added ‘Misc. Stats’ to the ‘Show Stats’.
  • Added ‘Glossary’ to the ‘Show Stats’. This has not been filled in; it is just a placeholder.
  • Added some Mind Reading Text. More to be added.
  • Added the ability to Disable the Karma System

Still working on (in no particular order):

  • Chapter 9 final route.
  • Alternative Chapter 7 encounter
  • Factory Worker route
  • Chapter 10
  • Custom gadget system
  • Adding more power options/uses to the story
  • Battle text for hidden fight in Chapter 8 CEO route

Also, is the issue that you do not get as many options to recover Karma? If I were to increase how often you can get more Karma would that fix the issue?


Also recovery and loss not being on the same page could work imo.

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Aside from the very first karma choice, I try to avoid having opposing karma options at the same time. Going into the climax I planned to have a lot more opposing karma choices.

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Oi @Dvalor53 in the homeless guy kidnapping route when talking to the reporter Sylvia and asked if they can eet for dinner next time Sylvia asks if she can see the man under the mask then but my character is a female…

Also there are lots of you’re instead of your.

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Thank you for bringing that to my attention! :slight_smile: I have that gender flip fixed.

I will run a sweep on those you’re/your issues. Thank you for pointing it out!


Was just wondering. Would the MC in the CEO route be able to tell Val that he/she (whichever the player chooses for their MC) has feelings for them and try to stop Val getting back together with their ex? I know there is a choice to tell Val that they are making a mistake but i thought you could add on to that by having the MC confession their feelings for Val. Also. Just wanna confirm, i love what ya got but there’s hardly any romantic interaction.


I might add that option. It seems like an inappropriate time to admit such a thing. The relationship is meant to be a slow burn building to later in the story.