Dawn of Heroes (WIP)

Sounds like you have something to look forward to in the actual game. :slight_smile:

However I will answer with some extra insight as to why. With a choice so important I think it would be a disservice to the choice to immediately make it moot. So the kid will survive, no matter which of the two you save. The same with if you don’t save the kid, that will result in an enemy no longer being a major issue for the rest of the story. After all if someone is going to die and it is your choice I don’t want it to be for nothing.

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So… the kid will survive even if I choose to go for the cameras and footage instead of going to save them? That’s nice to hear :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: however evil your character might be [or not] hurting animals and children is not okay, intentionally or not, directly or indirectly.

I’m sorry, I think my wording left confusion. If you go for the camera all kids in the container die. The point I was trying to make was, if you choose for someone to die I will not make it for nothing. If you save someone I will not kill them immediately.

Oh… Okay, nice. Better than nothing. Looking forward to the next bit. G’Luck DValor.

During the homeless fella mission (I haven’t chosen any of the other four yet, so I don’t know how different they are) my character claims that Aegis and I are on the same side despite her stopping me from killing the criminals. I just wanted to ask why our character would say that despite Aegis’ advocacy for criminal behaviour? Does our character just have a more villainous side that will be expanded upon later? (Given you are presented the option to not kill)

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This was a great read! Though I would have liked to have greater interaction with the villains, I kinda felt like a magikarp the entire time. Kinda just being used as a filler for other heros despite giving my character a hero rating of 7. Other than that was pretty good.


This will be an immediate buy for me as soon as this is released on Google play.

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Does Aegis come off as an advocate of criminal behavior? She is meant to be quite the opposite (vigilantism withstanding). I might have to rewrite her first chapter if that is the impression people are getting. Thank you for the feedback!

They are as different as the different Job routes.

I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the story! It’s funny that you say that because I felt like me writing the different heroes was filler to the MC, but needed to understand everything going on in the scene. I will see what I can do to give a better interaction with the villains. Thank you for the feedback!

Happy to hear it! I hope that it will not disappoint.


I really like the power choosing system.


Hello everyone!

Oh boy has a lot happened when it comes to the development of this title! I have been participating in NaNoWriMo and focusing on getting as much writing done for this story as possible. On the 23rd I hit 50k words! While there is a lot of proof reading and editing to be done, I have managed to get a lot more done than I actually thought I’d manage.

Today I did a slight update to the game adding in a name check for 83 different names. They will give small bonuses to skills. I hope to add more names at a later time, but I wanted to celebrate the NaNoWriMo victory and that was something I could do really quick.

I have combined two chapters in to one larger chapter. This has shifted all the Chapter numbers by one. :slight_smile: I have managed to finish the first draft of Chapters 16 (First and Second Route), 17 (All routes), 18, 19, 21, and the first route for chapter 22.

I have been looking more at running betas and have read a few of the Open vs Closed beta threads. Now I am considering running an open beta a little longer, but I have not decided if that is what I’m going to do yet. If I do, I’ll be adding things up until at least Chapter 22 maybe even through Chapter 24.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know there is still a long road ahead of me.

Until next month.

November Month’s end update

  • Chapter 16 First draft of route 1 & 2
  • Chapter 17 All routes, first draft
  • Chapter 18 First draft
  • Chapter 19 First draft
  • Chapter 21 First draft
  • Chapter 22 First Draft, First route
  • Added Skill bonus based on names

Still working on:

  • Mechanic Job Route
  • Chapter 16 third route
  • Chapter 22 second route
  • Adding a glossary
  • Custom gadget system

That’s great, Nice work Dvalor.

Congratulations though. Having fun I hope.


The story has great writing but what doesn’t add up is someone becoming a hero without knowing their name.

Oh! This is a fantastic question, one that has evolved over development of the story. At first it was meant to be more of a gag through the story and I thought it would be fun to have different nicknames from different individuals. It could add personality to different conversations and how people view you as a vigilante.

It also stemmed from how hard it is to get rid of a name once you have one, so I felt it should be something that the MC thought long and hard about. Originally it was going to be the last choice you made in the game. Then I considered that the hero name would be given to you and not hand picked. Depending on how you are viewed by the public at the end of the story it would assign your character a name.

This has changed though. I have now written the scene when the character finally has decided on a name and the implications now is a bit more meaningful and less of a gag. I plan to go back and write in parts dealing with the MC’s insecurities as a hero. Their name now acts as a representation of their mindset and commitment to the mask. Once they have embraced the life and what it offers, the good and the bad, they will finally allow themselves a codename.

What are your thoughts on this?


That sounds interesting but it will take a lot of research on your part for each MC’s nickname to have an impact on his personality stat and abilities. (At least now the MC can be when he is a victim of that mysterious storm)

But if it is something that you would like to do in this interesting work then I support you.

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I’m sorry for not properly explaining. That was an idea that I had but will not be pursuing. You will be picking your hero’s name and earlier than I originally plan. There is now more meaning in picking the name.


Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

I would have made it a lot more generalized. Nothing gender attached nor power based. Something like “Victory”, “Widowmaker”, “Valiant”, “Dark Vengeance”, “Savior”, etc.

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When going through the CEO route; what are the thoughts pacing of the story as a whole? How is the pacing of just the CEO route? What are the thoughts of the love interest(s)?

I hope to gather information on each of the routes in the game, so that I can have an idea of possible fixes for edits.

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I have no opinion of the pacing, but I can say that I loved the lawyer.


I love this route, it gives a Bruce Wayne vibe. And the Character development with the RO e.g The lawyer is interesting.